Today is the day

It’s Thursday morning and I am the only soul awake. Even Ivy sleeps. She woke when I did, went outside, and came back to the screen door and I let her inside. She is curled up in a ball on the footstool, grandma’s footstool. It’s Ivy’s perch, so to speak. The footstool comes with grandma’s chair, it’s grandma’s morning perch when she is here, too. There’s a marked depression where she lays and it’s now part of the cottage. Last summer, when grandma was up north, Ivy came over to the footstool, put her head on grandma’s leg and looked up, pleading. Grandma held her ground and Ivy retreated to her pad by the door. This morning Ivy jumped up on the stool without asking, though sometimes she does ask but this morning she didn’t.  I did not protest, as I often do, or almost always, she warmed my legs while I sipped my coffee and gazed out across the lake as early morning slipped into day and the lake slowly returned to light.

Ivy and the footstool
Ivy and the footstool

Yesterday was windy and it wasn’t a good day for boating, Tuesday was windy, as well, and taking the kayak out was a struggle, but I did it anyway. Today looks like it will windy and the lake will be choppy for another day. Nevertheless, I have other tasks to do; there is always something to do, to keep busy, some important task that needs to be accomplished.

This past January, I found the oven didn’t heat well and needed repair. My discovery happened while cooking dinner and using the oven, that is how I learn something doesn’t work – when I am using it. The thermostat appeared to be the trouble. The next morning, I attempted to troubleshoot and ended up calling for repairs. I could not arrange a service call until a week after we were gone, so I made a note to call the next time we planned to be up north. And, I did. In early July, the service tech came and pronounced that our oven, or rather the thermostat control was the problem and couldn’t be repaired. The range works, but the oven is important part of the ensemble and B and I knew we had to replace it. We searched several places and ended up buying local and the range arrives today.

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

Which means that dinner tonight will be baked beans, coleslaw, barbecued ribs, and blueberry crunch for desert and perhaps some guests. I am looking forward to cooking and baking with the new range and oven.

the view from my perch, the bench at the table, looking out over the lake
the view from my perch, the bench at the table, looking out over the lake

In between, there are errands, chores, appointments, and even more chores. I will try to squeeze in a little fun when I can. Maybe.

Today is gonna be a great day, I know it and can feel it. The sun continues its rise in the east and more and more of the lake is bathed in its golden early light. If I don’t get a move on the sun will be slipping over the hills in the west and the day will be over. Life happens quickly, so, I had better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, starting with coffee and ending with desert. I will be glad in it.

What brings gladness to your day?  

8 thoughts on “Today is the day

    1. The early morning is special. The day range install went smoothly, though the guys were hesitant about hooking it up – they eventually did. Old range is gone, oven works well and it fits nicely. I’ve been inventing reasons to cook and bake. Have a great day – a great Monday!

  1. It is almost a magical feeling to be up in the quiet of a morning. Alone with the sun (and a dog for those who have one) and our thoughts. A view of a lake makes it even better. Sounds like you are going all out with that new oven. Your meal sounds delicious. I hope your day panned out as lovely as it started.

    1. Thank you. The morning stillness is magical. I didn’t cook dinner – our dinner invite didn’t pan out and we switched nights. We went to the neighbors, the neighbors will come tonight. Dinner is on. It’s gonna be a great day!

  2. Oh, I think a new cooker sounds an excellent reason to celebrate. Enjoy it: I’m sure you will. Me? I’m enjoying the fact that the second half of today brought bright sunshine after two days of unremitting rain. That’s good enough for me.

    1. Rain would be a nice respite. We had a cloudy day Tuesday and it threatened rain, but didn’t. It’s been windy the past couple of days and the boats have remained docked. We switched nights for dinner – we went to their place last night and our friends will come this evening – dinner is on. I baked almond croissants this morning – oven worked. It’s already a great day.

      1. it sounds fancier than it is – before teaching I was in the restaurant business and I worked for a quick service French bakery and cafe – we baked croissants and bread daily using frozen dough. Now -20 years later – we can purchase frozen croissants at a grocer, thaw overnight and bake and they taste almost as good as they would on the Champs Elysee or some other fine boulangerie in France, though I’d much prefer to be sipping a cafe creme and munching on a croissant in France. maybe someday.

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