April Fool

It’s our last day of spring vacation and I awoke early to watch the sun rise over the ocean, one last time, or at least until next Spring Break. At home, I can always wake to see the sunrise, but it doesn’t have the majesty of the sun rising on the horizon over the ocean, though the very act of the sun rising bring a new day and a new opportunity to make the day count is something special.

Saturday morning’s last ocean sunset, for me at least

I’ll get to see the sunset one last time before we take off and head home. Here 77F (25C) and home 32F (0C), Spring is just around the corner I keep reminding myself. Seemingly, April’s April Fool prank on me – April Fool.

Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortuga National Park – from our trip Thursday

Today is gonna be a great day, even if it means packing up, loading, and driving in heavy traffic on our last day. I’ve spent the last few days packing up warm memories, getting a healthy tan, and resting, relaxing, and rejuvenating to make it to early June. Making the Days Count, one day ata time, one sunrise, one sunset at a time.

What April Fool prank did you play today?

6 thoughts on “April Fool

    1. I didn’t play any either, nor had any played on me. My wife picked up a local paper and read the articles to me on the way to the airport. Several of the articles were pranks, namely creating a mosquito sanctuary in the Keys. We had a good trip home and arrived to a VERY happy puppy! we made several stops along the way to Miami including a stop at the Everglades National Park. Today, unpacking, cleaning, and getting ready for the week ahead. Have a wonderful week.

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