15 thoughts on “Frigid Friday

    1. Patricia – thanks for stopping in and saying hello! We were on our way way north when we stopped at a bakery and took a gander over the cliff at Lake Michigan. It was col and the lake-effect snow was falling. The sound of the waves crashing ashore was calming, but I prefer it to be warmer, too. Peace and happy new year!

    1. I arrived at the lake house in Grayling just as the sun was setting Saturday – we stopped at a friend’s place near Ann Arbor Friday and I drove up the following day. The lake I see is frozen solid and we are getting lake-effect snow at the moment. It was below zero Sunday morning, but the sunshine more than made up for it. Peace and Happy New Year!

  1. I didn’t see the image when I first looked with my phone. So I waited until I was on my desktop and voila! At any rate, Frigid Friday is apt. My gosh, Clay, how cold was it when you were standing there taking the photo?

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

    1. It was my issue, I was trying to be clever and create a post with my phone….and WP wouldn’t allow an upload the file. I ended up e-mailing the photo to myself and then uploading the reduced file. As for the photo… it was cold and windy, but the lake’s waves crashing ashore made the moments watching and listening worthwhile. It’s been a cold weekend, Sunday morning it was below zero and at the moment it is lightly snowing and about 12F – cold. Have a Happy New Year – may it bring us all peace.

    1. Phil – how the heck are you? We were watching New Year’s Eve from Times Square last night and it was COLD – yikes. You were sensible and someplace warm, right? We’ve had a great time over Christmas break and are spending the New Year Up North. Hope the New Year brings you peace and happiness and fitness, too.

    1. Apologies. Had issues with technology – using phone! I felt your pain. Thought I was being clever and using my phone to create a post but the file size was TOO BIG to upload. If that is my biggest problem I encounter today, I am having a GREAT day. Happy New Year!

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