Days of Summer – Week 2

I am two weeks into Summer 2021 – 14 full days and I mean FULL.

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” —Sam Keen

The past two days of summer have found me prone on the couch reading a book. Storms blasted through the Midwest late Sunday night into early Monday morning. We went from warm to cool, hence the change in activity reading on the couch and a couple of moments of looking at the underside of my eyelids. I have felt and lived Sam Keen’s quote. Monday morning the lake was breezy and cold.

It’s Wednesday and Day 15. It’s sunny but breezy making the mid-60s (upper teens C) air feel much cooler than it really is.


I’ve been watching my bird feeder off and on this morning – it was my Father’s Day gift – witnessing my first seed visitor, a blue jay and watching a hummingbird dip down for sip of nectar. That’s my photo for Day 15 – you can see it in the Instagram feed to the right, or wait until next week’s Summer Days post.

The past seven days have been amazing, and Day 15 through Day 68 could be a million six times better, but today is gonna be a great day. So, I’d better jump in, jump out, and seize the day. Making the days count, one day at a time, figuring ways to make each day count.

What has made your day or days count?

5 thoughts on “Days of Summer – Week 2

    1. Margrethe outside Grayling. The feeder is new, I put it up for Father’s Day. The hummingbird feeder had a visitor within a day but it took time for the seed feeder to get a visitor. We have lots of blue jays along the lakeshore. It will be fun to watch the birds.

      1. I noticed you said that above, but didn’t notice it when I asked! 🙂 I drive by Margrethe every time I go over to Traverse City and Leeland. It’s a beautiful lake!! I think there’s a forest campground somewhere on it too. The bluejays will give you a show every day you put out seed, that’s for sure.

  1. The jays are always such bullies at the feeders. I think it’s interesting how the different species take turns at the feeders. And the little birds almost always eat the carnage that falls to the ground. It’s so cool how nature takes care of itself with the pecking order yet everyone getting something to eat.

    Take care and enjoy the days!!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. That is exactly what my wife said! We don’t have jays at home – I see cardinals at home and jays at the lake. So far after one week we have had lots of jay visits and I think I saw a red-headed woodpecker latched on to the seed feeder. Thanks for stopping by – have a wonderful Monday! Peace.

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