Spring Break – 2012

I‘ll be brief, I promise. It is Spring Break. I have big plans and small ones, too.

The plan was to leave immediately after school Friday, but I nixed it on Thursday because I was exhausted and did not want to drive 360 miles Friday trying to stay awake nor settle back seat disputes. So, we settled on leaving Saturday morning and even then I was sleepy the last hour or two. The drive was pleasant and it was amazing to drive through budding trees and the emerging green grass. We even stopped at our friend’s house for a brief visit. I visited with the parents and the kids had fun with each other. It was a nice visit and broke the drive into two parts – But, we made it and we’re here at the cottage.

Beth left for Ohio Friday afternoon to pick up her parents. Saturday morning, she drove up from Ohio and brought her mom and dad, arriving about an hour after we did. William was a huge help and unloaded the car while I vacuumed the front room. We had settled when Beth and her parents arrived and the kids helped unload and then played in the yard with Ivy while we visited and watched the tail end of Louisville-Syracuse basketball game.

Olivia, the kayak, and her fishing pole!

This morning, I went back in time and re-read last year’s post from 52 weeks ago. A year ago, it was cold and the yard snow covered. Last year, the kids went ice fishing. This year William put the kayak in the water and paddled out into the lake. Olivia played top that and went fishing in the kayak. Ivy has been busy sniffing and exploring. We spent Saturday night with dinner and visiting and planning. Yesterday, the lake was still and calm and it was great to be back at the cottage.

It is gonna be a great day – full of chores and fun, maybe a lot of laughing, hopefully a lot of storytelling, but whatever we do it’ll be fun and memorable. Making the Day Count, spring break days, cottage days, and cottage nights.

What are you doing to make your spring or spring break count?


The sunsets through the clouds over the still lake


2 thoughts on “Spring Break – 2012

  1. Sounds like your spring break is off to a great start. Mine is as well, yard work is almost done and the windows have been washed. 🙂 We haven’t incorporated fun yet, but I’m sure we’ll get to that soon. Have a great break!!

    1. Sounds like you have a similar plan! I really dislike doing windows – though my task in the process is screens – YUK! We did yard work up here yesterday and got the spring cleanup complete. It feels good to be done with it, but my back is screaming! Finished the day with a family meal at the table with the grandma and grandpa! It was a great day…

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