Spring Break Part II

Sunday’s post was brief, but it cut into my morning time. I usually try to get up before anyone else and enjoy the quiet time before the day begins, but yesterday Olivia got up with me, and grandma and grandpa were already up and moving. By the time I was writing, the cottage was in full motion with everyone moving for the morning.  I started to write but, realized it was futile to continue and stopped, vowing to finish at night when everyone was spent from the day. But, I forgot I was one of the ‘everyone,’ and fell asleep on the couch, reading one of my spring break books – Scat by Carl Hiaasen. Even Ivy had gone upstairs by the time I woke up at 1 AM and stumbled upstairs and climbed sleepily into bed. Needless to say, I didn’t write last night.

It has been a busy time here despite the fact that there are only a few residents along East Lake Shore Drive, only the permanent residents are here so it has been very quiet. Sunday was spent on chores. The weather cooperated and was absolutely beautiful – sunny and clear but cool. The sun was bright enough that it actually felt warm, warm enough to work in a t-shirt and shorts even though it was in the mid-fifties. We worked together (eventually) to get the yard spring-cleaned and we discovered all sorts of evidence of wildlife – scat! We found deer, goose, and maybe raccoon poop and Ivy added to the mix. We finished Sunday night with a family style steak dinner with mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, and a salad. It was fun to laugh and talk over dinner – we all had our fill of food and talk. It was a great cottage night.

Monday morning came and much the same happened. I suppose it is good to sleep and my body is telling me the crick in my neck needs sleep and rest. So, I listened and slept. Olivia had plans to go to Traverse City and shop but they were dashed by the weather and it was another beautiful day. Days like Sunday and Monday do not come often in late March here (or at home) so you take them and run. And, run we did. We had a family style breakfast with pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and family. William finished his scout counselor application, Olivia fished and played by the lake, Ivy enjoyed the outdoors and sunned herself, and we even moved deck chairs to the deck and Beth and her parents enjoyed the afternoon sun. I had a few chores – changing light bulbs and fire alarm batteries but I too, enjoyed the sun and a restful day. The kids have been fishing and having fun; but with no success, mostly because it’s so shallow along shore and the kayak is one at a time proposition. I took them to the bait shop and got some advice – use worms not lures – and when we returned to the lake an argument ensued, who gets the kayak? To put the issue to rest – we launched Ely boat and the kids were able to fish together along the drop-off. They had fun and a few nibbles, but still no fish.

Dinner is always a family affair at the cottage – I love the big table and the open views of the lake. After dinner, the kids headed out to enjoy the last bit of sunshine and I cleaned up the kitchen with grandpa’s help. There is always some adventure waiting around the bend and Olivia spied a cargo plane flying low over the lake and doing circles around Grayling. We figured it would be landing at the army airfield in town and we piled into the car to go watch. We were not disappointed. The plane was doing touch and go’s and the strip was illuminated. I caught a shot of the moon and Venus in the sky, we waited for the next go around, and the plane landed. It was our cue that it was time to head home.

It was a great day, or rather a great two days. On the way home from Grayling Monday night, we saw a sign in front of the animal hospital which read “Who needs Florida?” My sentiments exactly, who needs Florida when you have great weather where you are, or you can make your own weather. Making the Days Count; one day and one adventure at a time, even small little adventures.

What small adventures do you have that make the days count for you?

Author’s Note: I had originally planned to publish Tuesday morning, but our trip to Traverse City intervened. We are having a great Spring Break and Making the Days Count! I hope you are, too. 

2 thoughts on “Spring Break Part II

  1. Love the photo of the 3 ‘snow birds’ on the deck soaking up the sun.

    Hi to all, glad you are having Florida weather for your time together. Hope the fishing improves but it is the sport not the catch that matters,

    Love the photos and all,

    1. Yes, I believe the ‘snow birds’ enjoyed their visit.

      It was their first since last year at Spring Break. They enjoyed looking out at the lake (especially grandma) and we had a little adventure to Traverse City as a family with a wonderful meal at Poppycocks – a local favorite! I am sure grandpa was restless and wanted something to do, but I believe he throroughly enjoyed himself, too!

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