Feet dragging and other time wasters!

I have been dragging my feet, to those who know me well, it isn’t a surprise at all; however, to those who don’t it is perplexing and perhaps even frustrating, and to those who know me well it is frustrating and they’re resigned to the fact that it is just the way I am. It is the day before camp and I need to pack and finish a multitude of other need to do tasks and all through the house….

For the past two weeks our upstairs bathroom has been under demolition, then construction, and it still is, down to the bare studs. The ripping, hammering, banging, sawing, grinding, and other construction sounds as well as camps – bible, sports, and scouts have shifted the balance from relaxing vacation and serene home to a home on the edge of chaos. Even Ivy slips off to her calm hiding place behind the couch in the living room to escape the upset in her world. I can’t comfortably fit behind couch so I slip off to other places – tire centers, car service waiting rooms, or the pool, anywhere but focus – for now. I discovered wind for my sails and did some overdue yard work earlier this week and made some headway on the desk and but I have more awaiting me.

And, I still need to pack for camp and the following week in Grayling. Where do I begin? I guess beginning is the first step and then it all falls together. As luck would have it, both cars needed new tires at the same time and new tires mean tire alignment, which is where I find myself – in a waiting room waiting for the last car’s alignment.

I can’t wait for scout camp, but I don’t like the anticipation, the getting ready for it, the packing, and the frenzy surrounding getting there. Once I get there, it’s all right – actually once I leave the parking lot and head north it’s better, but it’s the getting there part that makes me drag my feet. This will be my fifth scout summer camp; one when I was a scout in ‘74 and for the past four years with W as a scout leader and driver. This will also be my third year as camp blogger and I love it!

You can check out the past couple of camps, here are the links to go back in time –

but you can follow along as I will be blogging on the troop site and MtDC, I guess simul-blogging and I have a few new ideas to add to bring the camp experience back home for our parents. In the meantime, I still need to pack and finish a few other things before I head north.

The weather looks great – it always is – weather in the north woods of Wisconsin is always wonderful – warm days, cool nights, and plenty of sunshine and fresh air. I can’t wait. Today is gonna be a great day – I know it and can feel it, but tomorrow is gonna be a million and six times better. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one task crossed off at a time, even when the clock is ticking!

What is the worst part of getting ready for vacation for you? The planning, the packing, or the leaving?

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  1. I went back in time this morning – it added to my foot dragging, but it was good… I wanted to make sure that all the pictures and video embeds were in place and still working before I back linked. I took the time to go back and remember; now it is time to move forward……. Full steam ahead….

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