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Six AM is early, even for a geezer like me. Nevertheless, we started early this morning and kept going all day long. Twenty-four of Troop 35’s scouts and six its adults met to leave for summer camp this morning and we all arrived on time, loaded trailers, piled into cars, and left home for a week full of adventure and fun. Parents waved goodbye and wished us well, but they knew we would all have a fun time return changed – ever so slightly. Scout camp is like that.

Troop 35 scouts gather for one final picture before sumnmer camp - 2011

370 miles is a long way, especially with five scouts in your car who are excited about camp. 370 miles to them is meaningless and they couldn’t wait to get there. In reality, the drive was smooth, the weather perfect, and the traffic light. By noon, we were stopping for lunch, after lunch it was only just more than an hour before we arrived at Camp Tesomas. That last hour was the longest part of the drive. You could sense the excitement rise in my car the closer we got to camp. When we finally turned on to the camp road, my passengers could barely contain themselves. I couldn’t fault me them, scout camp is a great place for a growing, active young boy!

This was my third summer camp and the third for all of the boys in my car, except one and it was his second. It is exciting. Being with friends, kids who share the same interests. They had big plans – merit badges and having fun. But first, we had to park the car and wait to be checked in and after that unload the trailer, and set up tents -all necessary tasks but not important when you have waited for this day since the before last snow and you knew it was coming when school let out.

Working together, the scouts and adults decided where tents would go and soon they were up and being moved into! Bags were unpacked and a tent was now a new home. The first day was included a camp tour and dinner. It was as boisterous as I remember and the food as plentiful and good. I ate what I needed and when they called seconds many of our scouts got in line for more – they won’t go hungry here.

The last part of the day was the opening campfire and hiking home. Climbing into a tent and then a sleeping bag, and finally falling asleep. It was a great day. Tomorrow is gonna be even better with the forecast a million and six times better, truly. Making the Days Count, one day at a time – especially at scout camp.

12 thoughts on “We’re here

  1. Hello Clay,

    Thanks for keeping us posted on the day’s activities!

    I am anxious to hear about the OA ceremony. I’m sad that Jesse didn’t want me to stay for the week; I think he had second thoughts as we were driving up on Sunday. Please take a few extra pictures of him at the OA for me, if you get the chance.

    Tesomas and their staff offer our scouts life altering experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

    Many thanks for all of your efforts to capture and communicate this unique experience!

    Peace, David Exner

    1. I’ll do my best… as you know it takes all of us to make a great program work – your support – Tesomas is just a piece of the puzzle – there was sailing on the lake, camaraderie in the evening’s activities, and fishing at twilight going on this evening… all the while scouts were helping each other in camp… this is a great place but is great because all of us are a team working with one goal – raising boys to be good men. Thanks for all you do!

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