Lying low…

hugging Lake Michigan’s northern shore on US 2

Sometimes it is good to slow down, now is one of those times. William and I rolled out of summer camp Saturday morning about a quarter to eleven, Wisconsin time and pointed the Tahoe north, then east, then south. It’s a long drive through forests, over hills, along the Lake Michigan shoreline, and across the Mackinac Bridge down to the cottage. William slept while I drove; he needed the sleep, I did, too, but I could wait, I’d have to wait.We arrived almost seven hours later and Momma, Olivia, and Ivy were happy to see us. Happy really doesn’t describe the greeting, but it will have to suffice.

driving south; the Mackinac Bridge in the rear-view mirror

William and I unloaded the car and momma went to work sorting through the dirty laundry. William needed to unpack then, repack to get ready for a two-week stint as a counselor in training at Camp Tapico; and, he wanted to run the lake and have fun with lake friends. Momma washed, I helped and folding clothes before I fell asleep around ten. William, Olivia, and momma came home around midnight after a campfire, cards, and lake fun.

Sunday went by quickly; too quickly for the little I did, it was lay low day. After dropping William at camp we grocery shopped and I took a nap when we came home. I tried reading, but fell asleep after a couple of pages. Olivia swam and played with friends and Beth returned to Camp Tapico to bring the camp staff gluten-free options for W’s meals. I woke up feeling refreshed, but knowing the week will be busy.

For dinner, I cooked drumsticks and chicken breasts – enough to feed us from the fridge for a couple of days making it easy to lay-low and enjoy a bit of restfulness. I sat on the deck and read finishing another book on my way to my goal of twenty summer-read books. Momma and Olivia came home long enough for dinner and spent the evening visiting and enjoying another campfire. Ivy and I laid-low enjoying the sunset and the full moon rising out of the trees and setting over the lake.

We’re here for July and then back to Wheaton and there is a lot to do; cleaning, cottage projects, weeding, gardening, visiting, boating, swimming, and much more the time here will be gone in an instant, so it’s good to have a lay-low day. Sometimes, lay-low days count more than other days, I don’t know, but I do know needed it. Today is gonna be a great day, tomorrow is possibly gonna be a million and six times better, but I am gonna make it count. Making the days Count, even laying-low and outa sight.

When was the last day your lay-low? What did you do to put your feet up and watch?  

2 thoughts on “Lying low…

  1. It’s funny, you and I were in the U.P. at the same time this year. 🙂 Jessica was up spending the week with Grandma & Grandpa and I ran up for the weekend to get her and bring her home.

    It was amazing to see how green everything is up there compared to our brown, crispy grass. It was a wonderful weekend visit spent relaxing and visiting with my parents and my grandmother.

    Sounds like you are having a great summer break. Thanks for sharing and when you get back to work you should have at least two postcards in your mailbox. 🙂

    1. I was on a mission through the UP – William needed to unpack and re-pack (plus wash all of his dirty laundry) and be ready for ANOTHER Boy Scout Camp as a camp counselor in training. So, it was a quick ride through the UP – 2 stops – Norway and St. Ignace, no dawdling, just driving. Lots of beautiful scenery along the Lake Michigan shoreline, beautiful. Can’t wait for the cards! Ttake care and stay cool, it’s hot out there.

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