Shaken or stirred

bond logoI did not want to leave, I never do. The last day at the cottage is always the most difficult – especially over winter break. I had a few errands and other odds and ends to do before I left and B and I went through the kid’s skiing pictures and sent some off to be printed. I finished my thank you notes, wrote short notes to my mom, B’s parents, and a cottage neighbor and got them in the mail with the photos. I ran some final errands before packing the Tahoe and driving home last night. It was full with just enough space for W and Ivy. W was comfortable and watched a DVD he had gotten before Christmas and Ivy had just enough space to stretch and lay out. It was a perfect night to drive home – dry roads and hardly any traffic. We made good time and by starting late, we were able to spend almost a full day at the lake before leaving.

The road disappeared before us and we were home quickly, or as quickly as 360 miles can go. Along the way, I listened to music and thought about family, working, writing, and all the other things that can run through my mind on a long drive.

I thought about movies I watched as a kid. I saw so many movies, too many to remember, but I remember my first James Bond flick – Live and Let Die with Roger Moore. I saw it at the old Palms Theater in Sugar Land at the end of the summer in ’73. It was a hot day and my brothers and I went with Charlene, our babysitter. It was a hot day and I think we watched the movie at least three times before we rode our bikes home. Nevertheless, I was hooked. The theme song by Paul McCartney was awesome and the movie had all the pieces a kid would like – great action with a car and boat chase and of course a girl. As far as I was concerned, Roger Moore was Bond, James Bond. It wasn’t until I saw the earlier movies with Sean Connery that I became conflicted. Connery or Moore? I am not sure I got the geo-political theme but as I got older and understood how the world worked, or didn’t, I saw the movie as it was a cultural icon for the sixties and seventies, the Cold War, and attitudes about relationships between men and women. It was good fun a classic.

Fast forward or rewind and I was looking for a small Christmas gift for W and I was honestly having a difficult time finding something for him, until I spied a DVD in the five-dollar bin. It was Goldfinger – the classic James Bond movie from the 1960s. I found Live and Let Die and For Your Eyes Only and that was it. I dug though the bin and found a couple more, enough for a small movie pack, and wrapped them and put them under the tree. I included a short note –

“This guy is cool! The music is awesome, and there is amazing action, a classic movie everyone should watch. Enjoy!”

Love Dad

When we opened gifts at the cottage, he looked at me, did the math and said “15 bucks, cash!” I think he’s missing the point, these old movies are classic. Good fun, though a little violent, but hardly violent when compared to today’s mainstream television. I will admit they are dated, but they’re a good fun and an even better diversion for a cold winter day or a long car ride. I hope that we can watch one today and I can teach him about 1960s and 1970s movies.

O and B are still in Michigan and we’ll come home tomorrow. W has a wrestling meet tomorrow and a large amount of prep work for next week’s final exams. This afternoon, I am his study buddy, in between my own grading, helping him to prepare for his English final exam. He has to write a paper on Night by Elie Wiesel and I remember the pain we experienced when he wrote about Homer’s Odyssey and the character traits of Odysseus. Regardless, today is gonna be a great day. I know it and I can feel it. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, even when studying and grading.

What was your favorite (or favourite) Bond film? Which one should a teenager in 2013 see?

22 thoughts on “Shaken or stirred

    1. I was checking out Dr. No on iTunes yesterday when W put Goldfinger and proceeded to watch the instead of prepare for high school finals….needless to say Goldfinger didn;t get very far. I saw Dr. No well after Roger Moore and discovering Connery, but Ursual Andress was really pushing the envelope for 1962! We’ss save our Bond-fest for another day.

    1. I think I saw that one – I have similar experience with Live and Let Die. I saw Skyfall with W on Saturday afternoon – I think he’s hooked, he likes the thesonge by Adelle and we downloaded it – he was playing last night while he studied for World Civ! Thanks for stopping by and have agreat day!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog via Susie’s blog dance! As a family we have watched all the Bond movies. They are classic. Roger Moore were my first ones to see as he was the Bond during my era growing up as well. We love them all and our kids acquired our Bond fetish by default! Great post.

    1. thanks, for swinging through… my father-in-law has been struggling with memory loss and dementia for a few years, this summer it hit its worst and we struggled as a family… it’s still difficult to watch, we do our best to keep an even keel… I hope to watch Goldfinger this afternoon or spirit him away to watch Skyfall at the cheap theater!

    1. Julia – happy new year and thanks for stopping by, I agree Goldfinger and Connery (though it’s inferred) the pianted lady dead on the bed was pushing the envelope at the time….. now that kinda stuff is on the tv…. have a great day!

  2. I love ALL of them and haven’t seen the latest. There is something so riveting about the Bond series. It appeals to both sexes.
    Thanks for bringing this link to the party!
    I hope you click on some links! There are a lot of new people who are looking for more bloggers to follow!

  3. Hi Clay,

    That’s quite a car ride. Lots of time to think. My daughters fall asleep on the way back from grandma’s and that’s only 100 miles.

    I like Bond films, but I haven’t seen them all. My favorite is Moonraker. For me, Moore is Bond, but I can live with Connery and all of those that have come since. The opening scenes rarely disappoint.

    It’s tough for me to convince my daughters to watch any of my movies. They are 12 and 20. When I say “classic” they hear “old”, and forget about them giving black & white films a chance. That’s just not happening. 🙂

    1. Hey Ray thanks for stopping by… I have done that ride so many times I know the mile markers and what they mean – in both directions! Classic means Sominex to my kids, especially W…. though occasionally he catches on… last night we watched the 4th quarter of the Cotton Bowl – I am an Aggie ’84 and have watched Aggie games going back to when I was in 7th grade! he hadn’t watched an Aggie game with me this year – busy with other things but he watched and we talked it was cool… maybe tonight I’ll sneak a movie in at the cheap theater and catch Skyfall… who knows!

  4. Hi! Just stopping by as Susie sent me over from her blog. Love the Bond films. Connery was the best, classic Bond, but I think I now like Daniel Craig the best overall.

    Will definitely follow your blog and signed up for email.


    1. Phil – thanks for stopping by and following along. I prefer Connery, he’s pure Scot but i have to claim ignorance on any of the latest Bonds, brosnan was my last ‘new’ Bond – perhaps I should see Skyfall before it is done in the box office.

    1. I wanted to watch Goldfinger last night but the A&M game was on and I had to watch. It was good to see the Aggies do well, I’ve seen way too many games when the Aggies didn’t – especially wheh I was there, we even were outscored by Rice 6-10! I get the eye-roll, too. Once he watches, he’ll be hooked!

  5. Aloha Clayton. I have NEVER been a “Bond’s fan,” as I have always thought of of the women the films depicted as “subjects.” Put that aside…who in he world could put ANYONE ahead of Sean Connery?

    1. I agree Connery! I also agree the women are portrayed as objects and I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but I went with it anyway. I have to admit, I haven’t seen the latest Bond movies preferring to be stuck in the past of Thunderball, Diamonds are Forever, and the early movies with Connery and Moore. Take care!

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