A New Morning

I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke at 3 and went back to sleep. A couple of hours later, Ivy was up and wanted to go outside and I stumbled to the door, clipped her tether, and opened the door. The full moon shone brightly over the lake and I could see ducks on the water in front of the cottage. I am sure it was more than the ducks that woke her but she silently inspected the yard and was at the door, wanting to come in, moments later. I went back to bed, but couldn’t get back to sleep. I grudgingly got up and took a few photos of the moon hanging over the lake. I took the photos below with my iPhone, couldn’t get the camera to take a snap, too little light. But the iPhone didn’t care.

I’ve been up ever since.

W is still in West Virginia with the scouts and so is my camera. I lent it to him for the trip and I hope he is using it to take photos and memories. He is using his phone and taken a few photos he shared on Instagram that were good – he has the eye for a good shot. He’ll be home late Thursday night and he’ll be here, up north, Friday afternoon. I’ll be lucky to get ten percent of what happened, but I didn’t share everything with my mom and dad when I was growing up either.

Saturday night was a workday of sorts for me and I got a few things done. I was in the midst of making dinner Saturday evening when O and B came home from tubing on the lake with our lake friends, the Ebes (O’s nickname for them). I had baked beans in the oven, made deviled eggs, and was about to put the ribs on the grill when O asked, “Can the Ebes come for dinner?”

I replied, “It’s okay with me, if it’s okay with your mom.” ( a standard dad response, pass the buck)

It was okay with mom and that settled it, I was cooking for guests. I enjoy cooking and my job up here is unofficial camp cook. I always cook for more than is needed, I like leftovers, especially when lunch is an afterthought and grabbing leftover ribs or leftovers in general is easy and quick.

O jumped into a picture of cooperation, helping B clean up the front room and get the cottage ready for guests. I finished cooking and kept the ribs basted with sauce. Somewhere in the middle of cleaning up the cottage and finishing dinner, Ivy got loose. Everyone took off looking for her – I jumped on a bike, B jumped on a bike and O joined up with her friends and we all looked for her. I rode by a cottage up the lane, stopped and called ‘here girl, here girly, come on..” and everyone laughed (maybe just a tad uncomfortably) thinking I was calling to them. I searched near and far, we all did, and eventually O captured a very tired panting Ivy. That’s my big fear with Ivy – getting loose up here and not being able to corral her before she is lost in the woods following her nose. There’s a lot of open space up here to sniff.

Searching for Ivy delayed dinner about an hour and when we gathered at the table quiet had descended over the lake. I had saved a rib bone for Ivy and she gnawed it silently in the yard while we ate. Our ribs were good; I had grilled them on the Weber kettle brushing them with a blend of strawberry jam (homemade or rather, cottage made) and barbecue sauce and the tangy smoky sweetness came through. The beans were delicious, too. But, the food tasted better because of the company and sharing. That’s what the cottage is all about – sharing and enjoying being up here being together with friends and family. It was a great night capped with fireworks from across the lake as Camp Grayling celebrated 100 years of being a National Guard Camp.

That was Saturday. Sunday went quickly and we busied ourselves with chores and fun. I took Ivy out into the lake and gave her a bath scrubbing away dirt and burrs she found on her Saturday evening escape run. She wasn’t happy with me, but I wasn’t happy with her, with her so it was a fair trade in a way. After dinner, B and I went for a boat ride with Ivy. The lake was calm and we were one of only a few boats out. Here are shots of our ride and the spectacular sunset Sunday night.

I think that’s why grandma (B’s mom) enjoys being up here so much. She was here in early July and I know she’d come back at the drop of a hat. She and I are early risers and enjoy the calmness of the early morning to sip coffee and look out over the lake. When I talk to her on the phone, she always asks about the lake and I rib her about baseball (the Reds) and we talk what’s going on at home and here. I know she’s seen the lake thousands of times to my hundreds and yet we never tire of the view or the calm and peace it brings.

My calm and peace is over for now, O and B are up, W has checked in from #2013Jambo and O wants to go fishing. I learned a few things at scouts last week and I’ve been waiting to try ‘em out. So, I’d better get a move on because time waits for no one. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, especially one sunset, or one moonset.

Where do you go that calms you? Please, do tell.

6 thoughts on “A New Morning

  1. I find calmness and peace, sitting on any beach, with the wind lightly blowing, and the waves mightily crashing. I think because water means life and the wildness of it, to me, means all the things that go with life. I do look forward to your writings when you are at the lake; they seem so enjoyable!

    1. Tonette!
      I love the sound of waves on the beach, too. when we were on break, we were right on the Atlantic and could hear the waves gently meeting the shore. Peaceful. Here waves come ashore and make the same sounds only when it is very windy and then the sound of the waves is masked masked by the sound of wind rustling through the trees. still with all that sound it is calm. Late last night a thunderstorm rolled through and I woke long enough to see a flash of lightning and then I was back to asleep. I enjoy being here, it is calm and a break away form the frenetic pace of home… I dream of finding a way to make this a full-time gig.. but haven’t figured it out, yet. Take care and stay well.

  2. Bit like you really. The great outdoors. The nearest walk to the house isn’t at all a bad start. A circular one of only two miles or so, it starts you off with a healthy climb, rewards you with mountain views and at this time of day a sunrise, sends you on past meadows filled with wildflowers, before returning you home through woods and alongside the river. I’m normally OK by the time I reach the river.

    1. I can only imagine how beautiful that is. It cooled down last night with a storm and the wind is up on the lake making shallow waves moving across the lake. I can watch them all day. On my second cup of coffee and it is calm and quiet. Even with my daughter making a racket in the kitchen! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

    1. Phil, What is up with our dogs? They’ve never had it so good. Right now Ivy is curled up on the footstool – we had a plumber in last night and she was quick to the door. Why do dogs always think the door is for them? Last night’s dinner was cold ribs and salad – still pretty good. It was hot here last week but a front passed through and it is going to be in the low 70s today. Today is gonna be a great day! thanks for stopping by!

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