Weekly Photo Challenge – Zigzag

There is nothing as fun as hanging onto an inner tube tied to the back of the boat as the driver tries to shake you off – zigzagging over the water, especially when the driver is your wife. Just hanging on was fun, trying to shake me was more fun for the driver.

me, hangin' on - photo by O
me, hangin’ on – photo by O

I stayed on the tube and had a blast, though my arms and shoulders are screaming this morning.

O took the turn before me, and the turn after me; we both had a blast. It was a fun afternoon on the lake.

O, slippin’ to the outside, must be a zig or maybe it’s a zag – photo by me

Our summer has been full of zigzags – highs and lows. I am grateful we were able to squeeze a little zigzagging fun.

Yesterday was GREAT DAY and today is going to be a million and six times better…. I know it and I can feel it. As the the chorus wails……

This could possibly be the best day ever
And the forecast says that tomorrow will likely be
A million and six times better

So make every minute count
Jump up, jump in and seize the day
And let’s make sure that in every single possible way
Today is gonna to be a great day
“Today is gonna be a great day” – Bowling for Soup

Making the days Count, one day at a time, one zig, one zag, one and one zigzag at a time.

What do you remember from middle school science?

Today’s post is in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – prompt – at Word Press.  The week’s prompt is “Zigzag.” For this week’s challenge, share with us your own take on zigging and zagging. It can be a winding path, the Herringbone pattern on your coat, a scar: any jagged line that tells a story. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Zigzag

    1. It was fun and I hope to get back at it, soon. My memories about middle school science were dissecting a frog and an earthworm as well as my 7th grade science teacher getting sick (hepatitis) and having a long-term sub….that’s another story… hoping to get out on the lake a few more times before we close the place up for the season this weekend and head home to reality!

    1. Thanks for dropping in… it was big fun and we all had a good time. I am picking W up tonight and we’ll all be together back at the lake Monday afternoon…. summer is flying by, especially at the end of a towline! Wishing you and the entire family a great week!

  1. 1. If you’re sore and still smiling the next day – whatever you did for that soreness was worth it.

    2. Middle school science: I remember bunson burners, black desktops, and a cool teacher named Mr. Burke who made science fun. I also remember dissecting frogs and that smell. Oh, and Ms. Champagne, my teacher and crush.

    3. As you know, in life, it’s not about the zigs – it’s about the zags that follow. Or is it the other way around?

    1. Thanks Eli! It was a good time – in fact the entire day was a good. We are all having a great time at the lake and being with family. It has been a good summer since mid-July kicked in and we all got back in the same place, relatively. My middle school science was interesting, too.. I remember frogs, earthworms, and testing rocks for hardness. You are correct about the zags, they are what we have control over – the zigs come at you, but it is how you react that makes the difference. Thank you for visiting and wishing you a great week.

    1. It’s been a while, at least several years since I’ve tubed, but yes it was fun. There were parts when I was skipping over the water or bouncing, and last night I noticed a nasty bruise, but overall it was fun. My daughter especially loved watching her dad bounce ride behind the boat. It was a good time. Here’s to a great week!

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