Impromptu – day 7

Summer is full of surprises. Always. Some surprises are good, others aren’t. Wednesday morning B, my wife, asked me if I wanted to go north for a couple of days. I had several things on my calendar and task list, but it wasn’t a request. Michigan. The lake, the boat, summer.

We loaded the car, or cars, and headed north to the cottage. We arrived late and the early summer night sky was ablaze with stars. At home we don’t see the stars as well because of the light pollution, but here it’s amazing.

Thursday evening's sunset
Thursday evening’s sunset
I’ve been taking photos of the lake at sunset every summer, and fall, and winter. Virtually every time I am here. Each time I captivated by the sky, the calm of the water, and the openness of the scene. The lake never loses its luster. There is always some hidden surprise.

Yesterday, we spent the day getting the cottage ready for summer. The water was cold, but after the initial shock we got used to it. The boat lifts are in, and two of the boats are in and ready for summer. One more boat today and we are done. Then, there are the weeds and the other less exciting parts of the cottage.

It’s Friday morning and the chore list is full (that is no surprise). One more boat, a few more chores, then we’re leaving for home this evening – softball games this weekend for O, then playoffs next week. And of course, chores.

I am sure there a few more surprises on the horizon before we leave, or when we return. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one surprise after another.

What was your most recent surprise?

4 thoughts on “Impromptu – day 7

    1. Thank you….pesky chores, alright. As for the boats two are recent acquisitions – a Seadoo and a speed boat for skiing – B’s bought it last summer. The pontoon boat is for cruising and fishing, and a fourth boat is nostalgic for B and her brother and sisters…. it has a name – Ely boat – and the picture brought a smile to her dad’s face even when he couldn’t remember or names… it has a 5 HP engine and it makes a put put sound as it moves through the waves. It’s a beauty. Summer is off to a great start. I got all sorts of chores finished yesterday and grudgingly returned home last night. There is always another day. Enjoy your weekend and week ahead.

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