Pure: a photo challenge

I love my kids.

We have two: a boy, really a young man, and girl. They are W and O, respectively. Both are determined and focused, when it’s their time. Both play sports and both are good students, but more importantly good, solid people.

It’s summer and school’s out – for both me, and the kids. It’s also softball playoff season. O plays softball and has talent, pure raw talent. I’ve watched her grow as an athlete, and as a softball player. This year, she has really developed as a hitter and fielder, as well as positive leader on the field and in the dugout.

pure concentration, pure focus, pure desire
pure concentration, pure focus, pure desire

O has batted in the fourth spot all season long and has had her share of hits and RBI’s (runs batted in). Last night when she came up to bat, it was the bottom of the seventh inning (and last), the score was tied 14-14, there were two outs, O had a full count – it was down to the last pitch, and….  You can watch the video below to find out. Pure joy for O’s team, there is no other way about it.

That was last night, we celebrated, and now it’s back to life. We are off to graduation party and then to see a friend in a swimming meet. It’s all part of life and being part of Pure Michigan with our friends from the lake. Today is gonna be a great day, I know it and I can feel it, so I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one pure moment of joy after another. Sometimes, it’s the simple things.

What brings you pure joy?

Today’s post is inspired by last week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure. For this week’s challenge, share a photo of something pure — it can be a person, an object, or a moment. “Pure” can convey wholesomeness, something undiluted, or simplicity. We can’t wait to see your interpretation.

7 thoughts on “Pure: a photo challenge

    1. Thank you, I shared the post with her, after I had pressed ‘publish’ and she said – nice post and gave me a hug. I love going ‘back in time’ and re-reading what I wrote the year before or several years ago. Have a wonderful week.

  1. I love how you love your kids. Another example of “pure.” I believe that your children being good solid people has everything to do with the fact that their parents are, too.

    Congratulation to O’s successful outcome to last night’s game. I’m glad it wasn’t “Casey at the Bat.” Else there would be no joy in Mudville today. 😉

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you – your comment rolled in when we were at the library checking out a book for her to read… I shared it with her and she smiled and replied, ‘glad I didn’t strike out, too.’ I asked her how she knew the reference and she told me this year’s English teacher had read them the poem to the class…. I smiled. Pure joy, pure learning, storing away bits and pieces to use later. Have a wonderful week.

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