Partners – a photo challenge

Yesterday was our 32nd anniversary. Actually, it was 32 plus 1, but after eleven thousand six hundred eighty-eight days, what is another day? It all depends on how you count it. I mentioned it to B and I got a smile, I think.

B and I at the Morton Arboretum April 2016
B and I at the Morton Arboretum April 2016
I’ve known my wife a few more days longer than 11,688 days, but yesterday was the anniversary of our first date. We went to the zoo and it was a blazing hot day as most days in Houston, Texas are in June, or late May, July, and August. The night before we had gone out with a group and had fun dancing, listening to music, and talking and sharing a beer or two, it’s what twenty somethings do. At the end of the night we exchanged phone numbers and the rest is history, of sorts.

We were inseparable that summer – when I wasn’t at school, studying, or working or she was working – we were together, it’s hard to remember the dates – 4th of July concert and fireworks, dancing, golf, the park, dinners, and more….

Somewhere in the basement I have a picture of her from the event it’s in box of photos from long ago and far away. But, I have a picture of us from the end of the summer, it’s from a trip to the beach before she left to go back to college for her senior year.

I couldn’t find the photo, so I had to go dig in the basement, find the box and scan a couple of photos.

We married 1991 and this October we’ll celebrate 25 years of marriage.

In between there have been ups and downs. Two kids. A dog. A goldfish. And a late hamster. And more, so much more.

I am thankful, grateful, apologetic, persistent, resilient and more adjectives than space. I would not be where I am without her by my side. There have been days when we’ve been out of sync and other days when our step could’ve been a metronome. She’s my partner and I couldn’t think of better one to help keep me in step and in line.

It’s Saturday morning and the grounds crew is mowing away next door, my grounds crew mowed yesterday and is still sleeping upstairs. He’s off on a scouting adventure tomorrow morning, O has her last softball game of the season, and we’ve got a plate full of chores in between. I’ll do them with a smile, even the one’s I’d rather avoid. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, eleven thousand six hundred eighty-eight and counting.

What are you and your partner up to today?

Today’s post is inspired by last week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners This week, share an image of partners. A pair, a trio, a sextet; people, buildings, plants — whatever you choose to shoot, give us subjects that are in tune with one another.

20 thoughts on “Partners – a photo challenge

    1. We were laughing the week before with our son who was celebrating his one year anniversary with his girlfriend and our first date came up. There is a lot in between our first date and now! Have a great week.

    1. Thank you! I didn’t check with her before posting and she gave me the ‘eye’ and then we laughed.she doesn’t read my posts, though my daughter, O, does – she gave it a thumbs up. O asked me, ‘did you REALLY take mom to the zoo for your first date?’ and we laughed. Have a great week.

  1. I LOVE the B&W photo! We’re going on 37 this August, so more power to you! Hope you’re enjoying your summer vaca. Bob and I are both also on break–and he’s upstairs writing right now! (Hey, are you all okay after all the rain in TX?? You might send a few drops this way!) The best to you!

    1. Thank you! Summer break has been good.. I’ve been keeping busy in the yard and doing a lot of PD – which I am actually avoiding at the moment. I grew up in Texas and my family still lives there, but I’ve been away for years I now live in northern Illinois… they’re fine, but my brother couldn’t go to work a couple of weeks ago because his street was flooded. Summer is a wonderful time to recharge and get ready for another year. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

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