Marvelous Monday: Day 7

It’s Monday and I am writing my first ‘summer’ post. The definition of summer is, well, open to interpretation, but for me it’s summer and has been for seven days. I am not a meteorologist who define summer as June 1 and the summer solstice, which this year is Thursday, June 21 at 5:07 AM. I am school teacher and I define summer as the state of not having students in class from June to August. This year I have 72 days of summer break and I am going to make each one them count.

coffee with Ivy – she sleeps, I sip. It’s a fair trade.

The week prior to school ending, I asked my students how they were going to make the summer break count and I passed out cards numbered 1-80. I’ve done this before and the results always surprise me. My students travel and travel far – Dubai, India, and China as well as our border states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Missouri. They look forward to summer camp, horseback riding, and being with friends. Their off to high school in August and their 80 days disappear as quickly as my 72 days do.

Now that doesn’t mean that I am going to sleep away my summer, far from it. In the seven days since summer began, I’ve been back in my classroom three days to work on a project and I am still not finished with it… I’ve been to the health club three times, though it should have been five times. I skipped yesterday and opted to watch the Astros play baseball.

It’s a Marvelous Monday because……

It’s the seventh day of summer break and 65 days remain. I enjoyed coffee with Ivy the Wonder Dog. She was barking to go out this morning and I let her out, started the coffee, and began my morning routine. When she came back in she curled up on the couch and dozed as only a dog can.

It’s rained for four days straight. Saturday and Sunday mornings brought heavy rain. The region is above normal precipitation and the yard is lush, green, and the garden is beautiful. I am thankful that my wife is a gardener and I am her helper. I pull weeds, haul bags of mulch, put mulch where I am told, trim branches, and whatever else is requested by the head gardener. Most importantly, I enjoy the garden and its beauty.

I am savoring a last sip of coffee for the morning. In a few hours I’ll be having my right knee replaced and begin a new journey of therapy and fitness. If all goes well, the left knee will follow in the coming year. I am excited and nervous. I know several folks who have had knee replacement surgery and they all share that it was a great experience – afterwards. All good things require hard work.

Last night, I had dinner with my son, W, and we enjoyed dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. The food was excellent, it always is but being together was the reason for dinner. W surprised us a couple of months ago and announced he is joining the marines. We have a little less than the 65 days of my summer break before he reports to boot camp in August. Since his announcement, we have had Sunday morning breakfast together – just he and I – every Sunday morning, except two. Yesterday would have been a third, except we had dinner together instead. It’s time well spent.

My 5 Minute Journal inspired me with Anatole France’s reminder,

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.

I believe. It’s gonna be a Marvelous Monday. I have many more mornings to enjoy coffee with Ivy before the house awakens. I have ten days of physical therapy scheduled, and at least nine more Sunday morning breakfast dates with W. My coffee is done for the day and I had better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Today is gonna be a great day. In know it and can feel it. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one marvelous Monday after another.

What is going to make your Monday marvelous?  

7 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday: Day 7

  1. Sounds like it will not only be a marvelous Monday but a marvelous summer. I remember as a kid summer stretching out in front of me for what seemed like forever. Now it flies by in a second. But since I retired in 2015 every day can be a summer day. It’s a wonderful thing.

    My sister is a teacher but most summers she volunteers to do summer school. I have no idea why. We all tell her she’s crazy. Still….she gets a couple weeks school free. I guess they are sweeter for being short. Or something.

    1. Summers do pass quickly – all of the things I promised to do when summer arrives come due! It’s also my “New Year” time for goals and resolutions – sort of. It’s the time to restart an exercise program that has gone flat. It’s also time to re-connect with folks at the lake and rest, restore, and rejuvenate for the coming school year. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. Peace.

  2. Excellent start to the “summer.” I hope each and every day brings blessings.

    Good luck with the knees. I hope you experience renewed vim and vigor when you’ve taken time to heal.

    And, good luck to your son. It is not an easy profession. I hope he does well.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Patricia – thanks for stopping in and saying hello. Each day since Monday has been a bit different – yesterday I felt really good and this morning I woke up sore – the thigh is rebelling, sort of. So today I am staying close to the ice machine and keeping my knee and thigh iced. I think W will do well, he’s like you and I – a servant at heart and has untapped leadership potential… I believe this is the right step at the right time. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend it promises to be a scorcher here.

    1. On post-surgery day 4 – knee pain is gone, replaced by muscle soreness…physical therapy us helping and so is the family I am blessed. Was able to finish reading a book this morning and on to Where poppies blow…. Good book to rehab to. Thank you.

      1. Well, I do hope your convalescence continues well. Post-op periods at least have the virtue of legally-sanctioned idleness to read during the day! Glad you enjoyed the book, shocking as it is in many ways. Enjoy your holiday period!

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