All-time Favorites… a photo challenge.

I’ve been blogging for eight years now. That’s a long time and much has happened in my life since I sat down to write that very first post the Saturday morning after school let loose in 2010. That happens to all of us.

I’ve been inactive on the blogosphere for quite a while. 64 days… my longest stint of inactivity, ever. I had attempted several Weekly Photo Challenges and I started writing a couple of other posts, but didn’t finish them and when I had time to complete them, they were no longer relevant or the original idea had escaped me. The photo below was a for a post which did not make it……by the way, I love clouds.

thunderstorm clouds over Saginaw, MI as seen from Grayling, MI over 80 miles away. Incredible.

A couple of weeks ago I had lunch with a couple of high school classmates and they asked me about my absence and I explained I had just been busy, very busy. Family, school, and me. Sometimes in a different order. They urged me to write again and I said I would.

So, I was surprised to read that this week’s photo challenge is the last.

Yesterday morning I poured over previous weekly photo challenges going back to the very first post in April 2014. I remember that first photo challenge post well and I recall writing many of the posts and can recall where I was sitting while I worked. Memory is a remarkable gift. Along the way, I’ve met some remarkable bloggers and I began following many new folks seeing new things and new places. I’ll miss that…….but I am sure I’ll find a new way to broaden my horizons. I realized I love sunsets, sunrises, and flowers. Here are my all-time favorites and I included the first and last for reasons of nostalgia. The posts are linked below the photos.

rise and set – bookends

Partners – a photo challenge

Close Up

Ephemeral: The Wall – 03/26/1967

Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhoutte

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

Roadside beach

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Last week, I played “Today is Gonna Be A Great Day” by Bowling for Soup for my 8th graders and asked them to tell me how they were going make their 80 days of summer count. It was a good list, but very typical of a 13 or 14 a year-old. If you hang out with young adolescents like I do, you understand. Their summer began Friday at noon.

Summer break begins for me tomorrow at 12:30 and I have BIG PLANS for my 72 days of summer break. I hope you follow along on my summer adventure and I hope to maintain the inertia into the coming school year. Today is gonna be a great day, so, I had better jump up, jump in, and seize the day before it seizes me. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, looking back, but more importantly look ahead. Always ahead.

When was the last time you took a LOOOOONNNNGGGG vacation\break from your blog?   

Welcome to the final installment of the Weekly Photo Challenge. This post is inspired by Word Press’s Weekly Photo Challenge, it’s the last one for them. I am sad, but all good (and bad) things come to an end, eventually. This is the text of their message to their followers…. In wishing you a fond farewell, we wanted to share our all-time favorite photos with you. We welcome you to share your favorites with us. Happy photographic trails!

18 thoughts on “All-time Favorites… a photo challenge.

  1. Welcome back! I love all the photos but especially the spider web and the one to the left of it – the sunset. All very cool.

    I’m anxious to hear about your big summer plans. I’m going to stay locked and loaded.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Thank you – the spider web is one of my favorite photos and I do love sunsets, sunrises, and clouds. Summer is here and I am working to make all 72 days of it count. Would love to visit Vicksburg and Oxford, but doesn’t look like it will happen this summer…. too much happening here. Have a great week ahead.

      1. When I visit, I promise to be on my best behavior….it’s on my bucket list… but I am carving our stuff slowly. Summer is still new, bright, and fresh. Thanks for stoipping in and have a wonderful week. Peace.

    1. Thank you. it’s good to be back, but it’s summer break and I have more time to read and write. I also have more time to clean up the basement, do yard work, and whole lot of other things I avoid on a regular basis during the school year with the excuse that, “I am busy, I’ll get to it when summer gets here…” have a wonderful week, too. Peace.

    1. Thank you, four of the ten photos were from Michigan, two from the same trip – one there and the other on the way home. As for the WPC, I am sad, too… but I am reminded that doors close for a reason. I am grateful for the online relationships that the challenge brought me and I am looking forward to a new door and of course, summer break. Thank you for stopping in and have a great week. Peace

  2. ‘Eight years a blogger?’ I thought.’That’s a long time’. Then I realised – it’s been even longer for me, though not a lot longer. You’ve been one of my most steadfast followers, and shared much of my journey. This, I think is what I’ve most appreciated, and what has kept me going – these quite long-standing relationships with people we may never meet, but whose comments we value. And who knows, we could meet. You and your family would always be welcome here!

    1. During my hiatus from the blog, the thought to stop crossed my mind for a moment, then I realized how the blog has helped me grow in ways I never anticipated when I sat down at the keyboard in May 2010. I put the thought out of my mind. I, too, am thankful for those relationships I have developed over the years and I always look forward to reading your posts, comment, and all about your adventures. It’s the first day of summer break and it’s going to be a great day. Have a wonderful day and keep making them count. Peace.

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