2 thoughts on “W^2 – Driving Miss Fern

  1. Both of my dogs used to love riding in the car. My beagle mix would often not get out of the car when we got back home. I usually had to leave the car door open and just let him get out when he was ready.

    Looks like Fern is learning how to manipulate her daddy a little bit too huh?

    Cute picture, Clay.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Thank you for stopping in! Yes, Fern has got me, she’s made a lot of progress in the past three months, but still hasn’t won over Ivy. Today was the first day of school and yesterday, the final day of summer for me. 8003 miles from start to finish – some of those miles through Vicksburg. It was a wonderful trip, glad stopped in. Peace.

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