W^2 Home of the Brave

A nest of paper wasps has made a home at the corner of the garage under the eaves up north at the lake. The wasps aren’t bothering any humans so the humans will leave them be, so they can do their job in the environment.

Making the Days Count, one day at a time, letting nature do its job.

What have you observed in the natural world lately?

2 thoughts on “W^2 Home of the Brave

    1. A few years ago a nest of wasps made a home in the door jamb of our utility shack and they were fine about us going in but when the door slammed shut they went wild and stung our two kids and me – I got the spray out then. This nest is out of the way and there not bothering us but it is beautiful – looking forward to the end of the season and taking it down when the weather gets cooler and they abandon it for the season. School starts on day and it will be while before I get back to the lake – already miss it. Thanks for stopping in!

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