W-squared – Clouds

School is back in session. Tomorrow is day 4 with students and day 7 overall. It’s better with kids. Trust me.

thunderstorms clouds – to the west (right) there weather is clear.

I snapped these photos Friday as my wife and I were out for dinner. A line of thunderstorms formed north and south of us as the sun set, but they went north and south and it did not rain on us. Good thing.

the center of the panorama is this cloud – the sunset lit it up perfectly. Perfectly

School is a lot more fun with kids, so is teaching. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, clouds form when you aren’t looking, they are just there.

What has made you stop and notice, lately?

4 thoughts on “W-squared – Clouds

    1. The first week went well – they were on their best behavior (at least most of them). I love clouds – especially BIG storm clouds when they are lit up by the setting sun. Last week went quickly, this week is coming up quickly. Thanks for stopping in and have a wonderful week and don;t forget to walk your baby girl… it’s good for both of you!

    1. So far so good with the new kids in class… I am learning names left and right and I know one class – all 29 of them – by sight! Not where they sit. I love clouds and sunsets. We went back to the same restaurant Friday night and there were NO CLOUDS – it was a beautiful evening with a little of an late summer chill in the air. Fall will be here before we know it. Have a wonderful week!

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