W^2 – evening hike

W^2 or W squared for Wordless Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Herrick Lake Forest Preserve, Wheaton, IL September 7, 2021 6:21 PM

Tuesday afternoon strong storms passed through the area. My classroom weather station registered 2.27 cm of precipitation, a little less than an inch, but at home – none. Once the storm passed it was beautiful, so Fern and I went for an early evening hike. Herrick Lake is a favorite hiking spot of ours with some elevation change, forest, and prairie with a little bit of wetlands mixed in. The two of us made hay while the sun shined and it was a good hike. The sun set over the prairie as we rounded our halfway point. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, hiking to move and moving to live.

What do you enjoy about a hike or a walk?

7 thoughts on “W^2 – evening hike

  1. I’m rather for walks, maybe because I associate hiking with ‘labouring’…. maybe I’m wrong as English is not my first language.
    Hero Husband might be more of a hiker, he’s walking fast, has long legs and I’m hopping behind him, always quickly falling back a few meters and to aggrevate the situation always ready to take a quick photo here and there.
    So we’ve agreed that he does his thing and I do mine. I’m wandering with wide open eyes and heart, my smartphone snapping and he’s ‘running’ off to make his body work out a bit and everybody is happy.

    1. Kiki, sounds like we have a lot in common… I define a hike as walking along a trail trough nature, even it’s crushed limestone and man-made. I suppose it could be classified as a walk, but that’s my definition. I walk faster and farther and prefer nature to sidewalks and houses while my wife is satisfied to walk and talk and enjoy the neighborhood. I’ll invite her to go with me and she’ll politely decline… on the other hand, I’ll invite her for an even walk around the neighborhood and she’ll take me up on it. Compromise and flexibility are important in life. Peace.

    1. Yes I do…and you are inspiring me to the best me I can be one step at a time. Some days are easier to fit a hike or a walk than others but I keep trying. Yesterday was a great day to get out and move… would love to today, too. But there are few things in front of it in line. Keep moving. Peace.

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