Day 22: Return to normal, or whatever that is…

I wrapped up the day with a trip into the backyard while Ivy took care of her business and looked upward into the heavens. It was a beautiful starlit night and I could see the Big Dipper plain as day. I never would have been out here at 10:30 at night if it were not for Ivy. It was an incredible sight and reminded me of how small we are relative to the larger parts of our world. I try to do the right thing but sometimes I simply get in the way. It is difficult being human. Tomorrow is Father’s day. We will go to church and celebrate somehow; it will be a family day.

The rolling seas in the foreground and the mast and sail leading the way from the pulpit

The day was a typical Saturday. I rose early had coffee and wrote. Ivy was in the kitchen to help me, though she mostly slept, as I wrote about Friday’s arrival. Beth followed, Julie called, and then the kids were up; by 7:30 we were all awake. Beth needed to finish decorating for vacation bible school – the theme this year is High Seas Adventure and she always does a wonderful job decorating the sanctuary and the common areas in the year’s theme. I have no doubt this year will be no different. She informed me she needs my help. I have errands and a chiropractor appointment planned. William overhears I have an appointment and asks if I can call and get him appointment – they are full and I agree to let him have my appointment. He needs it more than me. When we are finished at the chiropractor, we are on our way to the church, but first a stop for flowers at the French Market downtown for Beth. They are yellow roses and they are largest I have seen in a while. I am certain they will look great in the kitchen, William agrees.

No matter the weather, the light always is appears lit – leading the way

Beth’s job with decorations look wonderful and my job is to help construct a mast for the sail that will go in the pulpit. Beth had poured the concrete base the night before, now we needed to assemble the PVC pipe, cardboard carpet rolls, and sheets into a sail.  Once started we realize we need to rethink our design and we modify it and it works. The mast and the sail look great. With my part complete, I ask to be excused, was, and I went home; I had a date with a lawn mower. The week before, it had rained and the grass showed it. It was long and thick, if only the rain could last all summer there might be hope for the lawn. I know July will, bring blistering hot dry days and if not August will. As I was mowing, I saw the neighbor’s yard was set up for a party later in the afternoon and I remembered their son had graduated from high school this year and that afternoon was the party. I was only going to get to finish mowing the yard, the rest of the yard work would have to wait for another day.

The party was fun with many of the neighbors visiting with each other. I had started dinner and planned to have ribs, beans, and deviled eggs so I did not stay long. While the ribs cooked, I wrote. Beth stayed and visited with neighbors. The kids played in the neighborhood and the deck was quiet for Ivy and me. Dinner was ready, but it would have to wait. Before long Beth came home but all we did was talk on the deck about my trip, she shared news from the neighborhood, and we planned Sunday.

It was late and time for the kids to get to bed. The fireflies were out, but so were the mosquitoes and they buzzed in our ears. Beth took the kids upstairs and I took Ivy outside for one last potty. The sky was clear and Big Dipper was out for all to see. It was a beautiful night and a great way to end the day.

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