Day 70: Friday at home

It has been ten full weeks of summer, seventy days, with twelve more days remaining. Eighty-two days of summer vacation are a bit short of the ’…hundred and four days of summer vacation…’ promised in the song that inspired this blog:

There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation,
‘Til school comes along just to end it,
So the annual problem for our generation,
Is finding a good way to spend it
Like maybe…
From “Today is Gonna be a Great Day” by Bowling for Soup (click to play) 104_days_clip

I am beginning to feel that school does come along just to end it. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to getting back in the groove and having a regular schedule.Friday was a day spent getting back in the groove.

Olivia had a doctor’s appointment to look at her leg – the doctor pronounced it is healing well and she can now take a bath and swim in a pool, but not a lake;  good news. It means we can now have a fun movie night on Saturday at the pool, Finding Nemo, poolside.

I still need to clean my desk and sort through all of the papers, books, and other items, with which I clutter my desk. I started to clean and organize, but I need more time and perhaps a few matches and some lighter fluid would help, too.

Wlliam packed to go on a campout with the Boy Scouts. The troop is camping at Methodist campground / retreat and planning to do some service project on the property. I had planned to go, but I backed out because of my knee. I did not want to spend the weekend in the way of other people; I felt it was easier to stay in the way of Beth at home. I hope that I can attend to some of my ‘to do’ items. I dropped William off at the church and waited for the trailer to arrive. I sized up the group of young men going – all workers and doers. It should be a weekend well spent for them.

Beth and I had a date and I met her at Wheaton College for a conference. The Focus on the Family group is touring the United States and came to Chicago to tape a radio program live at Wheaton College. It was a good program and time well spent. We stopped at the DQ (Dairy Queen) and got dip cones on the way home.

We came home to Olivia and Ivy watching Wally with the babysitter. After walking the babysitter home Olivia fell asleep on the kitchen floor beside Ivy. I helped her to her bed and she climbed in and fell back to sleep. I stood beside her bed and watched her sleep. She is growing up so fast, this fall she will be in second grade. William will be in seventh grade and for me there will be no escape – I will live, breathe, and teach seventh grade this coming year.

Overall, it was a good day, not as good as some, but far better than other days. I looked ahead to the weekend and what I need to accomplish compared to what I would like to accomplish and made my list.

Today was a great day, with the forecast for tomorrow a million and six times better… Making the days count, one day at a time.

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