Amazing and Brilliant Today?

Amazing and Brilliant Today?

As a teacher, especially a Language Arts teacher I read ALOT! Over the years, I have been exposed to many writers and thinkers. One of the writers who most impressed me was Mawi Asgedom, known simply as Mawi. I first met him when he spoke at my church about his journey from Ethiopia to Sudan to America and finally to Harvard University. His story is amazing and commendable; he wrote a book chronicling his journey of overcoming the many obstacles stacked against him in our society about how he overcame them through hard work, dedication, and focus. He spoke to my school for our International Day celebration in 2003. It was equally impressive. He has gone on to become a highly sought after motivational speaker. I subscribe to his newsletter and look through it when it comes. Recently, I discovered his blog and perused the recent entries. I came across the entry posted 8/18 and my ears perked up! This is precisely what MtDC is all about but at a level that my students can identify with. Most do not know who Muhammad Ali is, much less Cassius Clay, even though he is truly the greatest athlete of my time and perhaps ever. And the concept of counting the days is much more a frame for their mind than making the days count. However, Lady Gaga is their culture, just as the Stones, Elton John, and other music artists from my day perplexed my parents as well.

Friday, I used Mawi’s blog entry to challenge my students to be amazing and brilliant. They wrote in their Writer’s notebooks about how they could be amazing and brilliant. It was a good class and the time was well spent – learning. So far, we have spent ten days together and the remaining 162 look promising. I, too, need to work at being amazing and brilliant. Making the Days Count – one day at a time and aiming for Amazing and Brilliant!

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