Wednesday before Thanksgiving

It was really nice to sleep in this morning and I thought…..

It was the morning before Thanksgiving and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Not even Ivy, or William, or Olivia, or Beth.

Normally, I am up very early, sometimes as early as three or four in the morning to prepare for class and get mentally ready for school. But not today, school is out until Monday for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  William and Olivia have been out of school since Friday, but my district had school Monday and Tuesday.

I am glad for the break, I need it to recharge and get ready for the final weeks before the Christmas holiday. When school resumes Monday we will have three full weeks before Christmas break and the end of the calendar year.  It is hard to believe but the year has really gone quickly. Today and the following four days will go quickly and disappear before I know it. In the five days I have off  I hope to spend time with William, Olivia, and Beth, clean and organize my desk, get caught up on grading, watch a high school football final, help cook and prepare Thanksgiving dinner, and help sell wreaths for the Boy Scout troop. At the same time I want to read, rest, and relax – equal parts.

Today, I have a couple of errands and the final check off of ingredients for dinner Thursday. Today is gonna be a great day, planning to make the day count.

Thanks for visiting MtDC. How are YOU Making YOUR Days Count?