Free Write Friday – Take 2

I started this last Friday in class and ran out of time to finish or rather other tasks took over the time to write and think. I try to model writing with my students and Friday is Free Write. They can write whatever they want, as long as they write. Some students write lists, others work on writing a continuing story, and some write about what they have to look forward to over the weekend. Here is what I began……

It is Friday, the last day of the week and two school days before Winter Break in my district. For William and Olivia it is the last school day of the year and exciting day in our house.

I am really looking forward to the weekend, though it will be busy. It is our annual trip to Brookfield Zoo and Zoo lights with a picture of the family with Heidi the zoo’s reindeer. We have usually Santa pictures on Saturday morning, though with William’s Boy Scout electronic lock-in tonight I am not sure if we’ll get to that or not. I have grading and planning and thinking to do for school. As a family, Beth and I need to think about Christmas gifts and the logistics of getting to Ohio with the three of us and Ivy and then to Michigan and the cottage.

Of course I did not get to finish the post, but I will have more about my weekend and our visit to the zoo and Making the Days Count.

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