President’s Day Weekend Recap

It is Tuesday morning, and normally, I would be wrapping up teaching my first section of Language Arts block and heading off to duties, meetings, and lunch. However, today’s schedule includes evening, leaving me a few moments to re-think and review the President’s weekend.

Overall, it was what I needed time to rest and relax and catch up. Saturday, I spent some time on errands and a little outdoor cleaning – sweeping the deck of sticks and twigs brought down by the snow. We cleaned up the backyard for Ivy and decided to enjoy the sunshine. It was cold and sunny providing a sunlight and brightness for us all, which we needed. Sunday was church and the Great American race – the Daytona 500. It is the first race of the year and I always enjoy watching it, though I rarely able to watch from start to finish. I caught it in bits and pieces and was able to watch the final laps of the race. It really does not matter how many laps you lead, you only need to lead one to win and that is the final lap. It was a good race and exciting to watch. I tried cooking something new Sunday evening, which was universally panned by everyone, except Ivy and I. Relying on Ivy for culinary appreciation, is really not a good idea and I will re-think the entrée. The weather turned bleak and rainy Sunday evening into Monday, bringing cloudy grayness back again. We decided to go to the movies and Beth watched “The Kings Speech” and the kids saw “Gnomeo and Juliet.” We enjoyed “The Kings Speech” and it was good leading me to think of the friendships and relationships I have with my family and others. Certainly, there are areas in which I can reach out and get help, rather than hoping I will be able to do it on my own. We finished Monday with dinner and all of us getting ready to go back to school.

Sadly, I spent more time this weekend thinking of British monarchs than I did of American presidents. I spoke to my dealer, my model railroad shop dealer, that is, late last week and he assured me the latest installment of my Presidential train car collection is on its way. William and I have been collecting the Micro-Trains U.S. Presidential series cars for our railroad. Several months back I answered their trivia question and won a limited edition car to go along with our collection. Each month, they post a trivia question and ask collectors to e-mail their answer. The trivia question is about the coming month’s presidential car release, from the correct answers, five are selected to receive the Presidential Oath of Office Car. This month’s trivia question is:     

Question for February: Which President was an avid stamp collector, married his fifth cousin once removed and was the only American president elected to more than two terms?

I cannot enter, as I have already won, but I do know the answer, do you? Also, the time has passed for February’s entries and they will soon update the question for March.  I always try to answer the question and I am usually correct. Currently, Micro-Trains have issued 29 cars, with fourteen remaining.  It makes the guessing easier, but it is still fun. Please leave your answer, in the comment section, below. I would love to hear from you.

                Before Christmas, Warren and I were talking about Christmas toys and our kids. Sometimes, I wish I were a kid again and I could play with my old toys. William and I have our train layout and we have not done much with it lately or sadly since the school year began. It would be great to run a few trains and re-live the fun of playing with trains. I know ‘Livy would.

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    1. I sure do – I also remember the train sets that came later – they were a lot of fun to play with and learn from…. I remember the trips to Jean’s model shop to buy and dream… they were such patient folks with us! Thanks for stopping by!

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