New week – new start!

maple flowers, leaves breaking out, spring is here!

It is raining, but that beats the original forecast – snow. Yesterday, the forecast was for heavy snow across the area with accumulation. The good news is that a heavy snow in April does not last long. The bad news is that it is snow. But, even better news is that the snow is north of us and it is raining and we need rain.

I had hoped to write over the weekend, but did not get around to it. Too many tasks, too many things to do, and distractions; but, I’ll get to it. It is Monday and there are thirty-two days remaining to make count, make worthwhile, and learn – even for me. In Language Arts, we are finishing The Giver and it is getting good, though several of the students have read ahead and know the ending. I do not like the ending, but it does make me think of what if. I just finished Lowry’s companion to The Giver, Gathering Blue and it made me wonder and think. I am not done thinking, but I will start reading of the trilogy – The Messenger. When Lois Lowry was here, over a month ago, she mentioned she is writing a fourth book that answers the questions posed at the end of The Giver and I look forward to it. In the meantime, I need to focus on what is here and present.

spring daffodils adorn the path to the backyard - spring is here!

Thirty-two days! WOW. They will be gone before we know it and summer will be upon us. Beth and I are planning summer vacation and I know it will be full of great memories. But, today is here and it is gonna be the best day ever with the forecast for tomorrow a million and six times better: Making the Days Count, one day at a time. How did you make your day count?

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