Two weeks

It has been two weeks – yes, it has. The days have flown by and I can report I have done quite a bit, but there is more to do. Yesterday was a hectic day and ended with crazy weather. Summer is officially here the solstice happened at 12:16 PM on June 21st! Today is the fifteenth day of summer vacation and the quest to make them count continues!

After a morning of errands and an afternoon of errands, Olivia and I headed to the pool. William was with his friend Joey and they had been hangin’ out together since I dropped him off after VBS. As we later learned, we missed running into the two of them at the pool and must have passed each other on the way, either way, Olivia and I had a good time at the pool. I swam laps, I am up to 900 yards – just over halfway, and I spent 30 minutes in the swimming. I could’ve swum more but I had to get home for dinner and the scout meeting. Olivia played and swam laps, too. She’s a trooper! When it came time to go, she was reluctant and begged to jump off the high dive. She did it!

the weather graphic from Wednesday's Chicago Tribune with storm info - courtesy of the Chicago Tribune - 06/22/2011

The scout meeting was the scout meeting. We were finalizing plans for summer camp with the scouts and the adult leaders. I am excited and looking forward to the time at camp. The scouts have a blast and so do the adults. The weather forecast had been for thunderstorms with the chance of severe storms and during the evening, they rolled in. Midway through the meeting, an adult came in to report that the tornado sirens were going off, but we could not hear them and it wasn’t because of the scouts – they were not loud enough to hear. We opened a window to hear and sure enough they were going off and we all headed to the basement. It rained, it thundered, it lightning-ed, and the wind blew – and did the wind blow. I can’t think of a better place to be in a tornado, than in the basement of a church. However, when God has a plan, he has a plan, and I am certain there have been churches damaged or destroyed in tornados. The storm quickly passed and the sirens went off. The meeting ended, we cleaned up, finished odds and ends, and came home. We took a circuitous path on the way home because we wanted to see what the storm had wrought. Part of Wheaton was without power and we heard on the radio that a large part of Chicagoland area was without power, over 200,000 customers. There were leaves, twigs, branches, but nothing big in the streets along our route.

We got home where we had power and Olivia was sad – she was looking forward to candles. We piled out of the car and were greeted by an excited Ivy who was very glad to see us! She has been a changed dog since her kennel experience. The kids got a bite to eat, we watched the tail end of How the States Got Their Names on the History Channel, saw the leading 10 O’clock news and storm damage, and then they went upstairs and climbed into bed – a busy day complete.

Beth is with her mom in Ohio and the kids and I are on our own, for a while. The doctors postponed Grandma’s shoulder surgery and Beth is on hold. I am glad she’s there with her mom and dad; I wish I could be with my mom and check in with her as well. We’ll write get well cards and get them in the mail before VBS. And, my time is up. The kids need to get up, get dressed, and head out the door. In the meantime, I need to jump up, jump in and seize the day – today is gonna be a great day! Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

What are you doing to make your days count?

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