What a difference a year makes

a year ago I had to rescue Ivy – today the deck is bare! Might as well be spring!

A year ago, I was climbing into bed dreaming of sleeping late, really late – past seven, eight, maybe even nine in the morning – which is unheard of for a middle school teacher. Except, we had been pummeled by 20+ inches of snow beginning Tuesday night and school had been cancelled for not one, but two days! Fast-forward to this year and we have had hardly any snow, yesterday it was in the upper 50s, and except for a few patches in shady areas, there is no snow on the ground.

Now, I really shouldn’t be complaining – because not everyone likes snow. But, it is winter and snow here in the Midwest is an expectation. This is my twenty-first winter in the Midwest and I have seen snowy winters and mild winters, and usually by this time in the winter, I am over snow, but not this year.

There is hope – we have February and March to go and snow could hit us then, even bury us, but I am missing it for now.

I was looking ahead to the weekend and the lack of snow made me sad because William’s scout troop will be outside taking part in Klondike – an outdoor winter extravaganza where scouts take part in contests to see which patrol – group of scouts – has the best scouting skills. Scout skills such as fire starting, first aid, knots, lashings, and just fun boy stuff. It takes place outside and it is best when there is a good snow covers on the ground because they use a sled powered by scouts to get around. Not, this year, just not going to happen.

I am up late tonight dreaming of a multitude of things, not just a lack of snow. Beth and I attended high school orientation tonight and I came home with my head spinning with the thought of having a high school student. William stayed home and studied for his algebra test tomorrow, his head is spinning with that – multiplying exponents, and such, trying to help him and explain, makes my head spin, too.

Not only is it Klondike this weekend but Super Bowl Sunday. I love the Super Bowl, well I love football and I will be sad (football withdrawal) until the season begins again in the fall. I am hoping the Patriots win, because the team I would prefer to win is not playing. I wanted the 49ers to make it, but they didn’t, so I’ll be watching, rooting for the Pats, and enjoying the commercials in between. It will be a good time and an end to a weekend, which isn’t even here yet. I have Thursday and Friday to navigate before then and paper editing in class tomorrow and a school field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry on Friday. and miles to go before I sleep…

Today was a good day, high school orientation, papers graded, and a I know tomorrow is going to be a million and six times better – I just, know it! Making the Days Count, one day at a time – even when there is no snow on the ground – or even in the forecast!

Do you like to play in the snow?

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