Super Bowl Sunday

Go Pats!

I remember my first super bowl – or the first I remember watching. It was Super Bowl 4 – the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Baltimore Colts. I didn’t know much about football then, but being from Houston I was rooting for the Colts. The team I rooted for didn’t make it and never would. The Houston Oilers aren’t around anymore.

The game is less than an hour and a half as I write. I don’t have much of a vested interest in the game – I am not playing squares or betting anyone – except Olivia who’s pulling for the Giants so it doesn’t much matter to me except I’d like to see the Pats pull it out.

a WWI soldier jars a memoryWe’ll be watching the game and rooting for a close finish – down to the wire kind of game. However, today, like yesterday, I am thinking of my dad. He was a sports fan who taught me to be a fan of the game. Yesterday I was out with the scout troop at Klondike at Cantigny Park. Cantigny is named for Cantigny, France and got its name when Col. McCormick, the estate’s owner, returned from World War I. When he died, he left his estate to become a park and it hosts several scouting events each year. The park also hosts the First Division Museum, where there is quite a collection of armored vehicles (tanks) on display and one statue that reminded of my dad. I was on my way to the car when the doughboy and I crossed paths, I took a picture with my phone and posted it to Facebook – tagging it – “Thinking of my dad – 1933-2009, peacefully resting in Chateau-Thierry.” I said a quick prayer and went about the day.

A day later, I am still thinking of him and what he taught me. I know I have memories of being with dad, watching football, playing catch, listening to his stories, talking politics, playing gold and many other memories. But, I will always remember my two visits to Chateau-Thierry one to visit and one to lay him to rest with my brothers. But, for now, I will have to remember what it was like to watch football with him.

I don’t have a clue which team he’d root for, but I am rooting for the Pats who are old-school AFL vs. the Giants of old-school NFL – I just hope it is a good game! Making the Days Count, one memory at a time.

Do you have any memories of watching the big game with your father or mother?

4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Well…I’ve tried to leave comments since last year, Thanksgiving. They keep being kicked out. I hope this one makes it.
    I remember watching football with my Pop when I was very young. He loved the Dallas Cowboys – Staubach. We would root for the Cowboys together until I realized that San Francisco had a team (oh, when I was about 9 years old) and from then on – well, let’s say, whenever the Cowboys & the 49ers played against each other – the house was rather loud!

    1. it did and I’m glad – I was rooting for the 49ers a few weeks back. I was sad when time ran out. I rooted for the Oilers until they moved – since then I have been somewhat of a nomad – I like the 49ers, the Packers and even the Patriots – but I can’t bear to watch the Bears! I remember watching football with my dad on the couch.

  2. it was a good game – down to the wire… yesterday in class I had a student – who had gone to the game, yes actually been there and he was wearing a Super Bowl t-shirt for the Giants. He had to give a book talk and share in front of the class. The requirements are a minimum of two minutes – he went 1.26 a bit short. One of his buddies remarked if only vrady had had that much and both of them chuckled! Goodbye, NFL until next season.

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