Olivia’s Dad, WOW, what a week

All dressed up and ready to go!

I can hardly believe that the week has passed me by. It was a busy week full of activity and teaching. However, the best part, or parts, was sharing it with Olivia. A normal week, depending on the season, can be spent at basketball games, scout meetings, outings, church, managing homework, and having dinner together. But, this week was different. Our week began with the Super Bowl where I was out numbered 3-1 in favor of the Giants and ended with the Daddy-Daughter Dance Friday night. There was a lot in between.

Olivia and her teacher with the school mascot

I remember third grade. We had just moved back to the United States after a year in Venezuela and I had Mrs. Bass. It was the year I began to really read, I mean I could read before, but it was when I began to read about things I wanted to read about and learn. I started to read about football, World War II and many other topics, I read at night and anytime I could. I don’t remember if I was a good student, but I moved on the fourth grade when it was over and didn’t have to repeat it, which was good enough for me. Looking back, I could have set my sights a bit higher. But, that was then and it is now. Olivia is in third grade and having phenomenal year. Really. She is reading, looking in books, and her interests are growing like a wildfire. A couple of weeks ago, I called home after school to check in and Olivia answered in the voice only a little girl can use with her dad and shared she had been nominated for the Tremendous Tiger award by her teacher. I know she is a Tremendous Tiger, always has been, and probably always will be, but it was great to hear she had been recognized by her teacher for being a Tremendous Tiger. I was glad I was able to attend the ceremony and I know Olivia was glad I was there, too. Looking back at the week, I spent every day except for Monday at her school – two basketball games at night, the Tremendous Tiger Ceremony, and Friday night at the daddy-Daughter Dance.

I always enjoy the Daddy-Daughter Dance, but I don’t dance much. It’s not my thing; I didn’t dance much in high school or in college, even when the dance hall in College Station was where Saturday night was often spent. I remember the first dance with Beth, my wife, was to ‘Shout’ and I danced at my wedding, but that was a long time ago. Nevertheless, I remember every time I have danced with Olivia. We have danced in the living room, in the basement, at the cottage, and in the gym at her school – three times! The dance Friday night was fun. We dressed up, we were dropped off, had our picture taken, and had grand time listening to oldies and the latest tunes while sharing a cookie and lemonade. I had a good time talking to dads and we shared how fast our kids are growing up. Some of the dad I have known since William was a kindergartener (or before) and a few I have met this year through Olivia. However, wherever I go I am known as Olivia’s dad. That’s a good thing.

It has been a good thing, and now I get to be William’s dad and get moving on the rest of the weekend – scouting and getting ready to make cobblers Scout Sunday tomorrow. It is a beautiful bright sunny day and I have a great day ahead of me – Making the Days Count, one day at a time.

Do you remember third grade? What do you remember?

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  1. Nope, don’t remember the third grade, but do remember dancing with my Pop. Bet Olivia does/will treasure dancing with her Dad, always. I do. Maybe you should take some dancing lessons, so that you can be the smooth dancing Dad at her wedding…just saying 🙂

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