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Summer Camp 2012 update

Leaves of three, leave it be – poison ivy!

I am at summer camp with the Boy Scouts this week. We are at camp Tesomas in northern Wisconsin, not far from the UP (Upper Peninsula) and it is truly the north woods. It is good to get away; no, it is wonderful to be a boy all over again. This place takes me back in time, when I could play, and run, and swim, and fish, and just be outside.

I missed my Monday post, and Sunday post, too. I am blogging, but at a different location – I posted a short MtDC (Making the Days Count) with pictures this morning at the troop site – it is Wheaton Troop 35, please follow the link. The past two years I blogged and shared MtDC with the parents, this year I am blogging at the troop site. I had hoped to be able to do both the troop site and blog here, too – but I am realizing that it is difficult to keep up, so I’ll do what I can and keep you updated, via short posts with a link to see the troop post. Continue reading Summer Camp 2012 update