Friday morning, early

I skipped writing yesterday, too much goin’ on, in-laws arrived and I had a bunch to get done. Though momma might dispute that – I did take a nap yesterday afternoon before they arrived.

This morning, I came downstairs and grandma and grandpa were up. The morning culture at the cottage is sipping coffee in the front room and enjoying the lake view. It’s been that way as long as I we’ve been coming here. It is an amazing view.

This morning the lake was still and the moon was still visible, just barely. Ivy surveyed the yard and grandma and I talked baseball. She and grandpa are avid Reds fans and watch or listen to every game. I grew up an Astros fan, and still root for them, even though I live deep in White Sox and Cubs territory. So, I kept my mouth shut and listened politely.

Usually, breakfast follows sipping coffee, conversing, and watching the lake so, I’d better get moving frying bacon, eggs, and making toast, or I’ll be toast! Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one batch of bacon at a time.

What are your summer vacations routines? (it’s orange today for the Astros!)

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