four-fifths of the Troop 35’s mile swimmers – 6/29/12

I have been up for almost two and a half hours and I have yet to start writing. Yikes, where did the time go? I spent some of it reading a couple of blog posts, some of it wandering the yard and watering the plants, and I just finished working to resolve an technical issue I have (and have had) with the teacher association website I run. I have ignored the issue for a while, telling myself, I will get to it in the summer. Well, it’s summer and I am on to it. It’s probably some setting or something simple, but I haven’t been able to figure it out; I e-mailed tech support and I replied this morning. Maybe, hopefully, it’ll be resolved and then I can move on to other things I have been ignoring for a while.

Speaking of things I have been ignoring, I made my annual visit to the health club Wednesday afternoon, finished my annual weightlifting workout, and then swam with O. It felt good and all joking aside, I need to make this a priority. I swam the mile, again, this summer at camp and finished in just under 50 minutes, about a minute longer than I swam it last year. My goal was to best last years’ time and I could probably do it, but I need to be swimming with less, if you know what I mean. It would also help if I swam in a straight line and took fewer detours but, there are not lines in the bottom of the lake (like in the pool) to remind me to swim in a straight line. Despite my efforts to stay on course I drifted left and right and in the end, I swam into a group of parked rowboats at the finish! I did finish, though W smoked me by five or six minutes. He has already reminded me who finished first a couple of times.

O has her last game of the season tomorrow and they are playing for the championship. The team started the tournament seeded ninth of ten teams and are the only team to make it through the bracket undefeated. They’ll be playing the team we defeated Tuesday – there’s a loser bracket and they played back in to the final. It’s confusing, but the key is O is pumped and looking to play her best. They had practice yesterday evening and she jumped in the car bubbling about softball. She’s been a happy camper and very flexible this trip home. I know she’d rather be at the lake, but we’ll be back tomorrow night in time for the sunset! And, to give B a hand, as best we can.

it’s officially a drought – courtesy of Chicago Tribune 7/13/12

Ivy has been all over the backyard and is enjoying her domain. The birds are enjoying the water, and it is still cool enough to be sitting on the deck, rather than be inside. It is wonderful to be outside and hear the birds chirp and sing. It’s been dry, which is why I am watering. I visited my mom last year and they were in the throes of a drought, too. This year it is raining like a sprinkler there. Go figure.

The contractor has been able to work the past two days and has accomplished quite a bit – the floor tile is down and the bathroom is beginning to look like bathroom, again. He’ll be back today to work and he’ll finish when the wall tile arrives, whenever that happens. I have errands and another visit to the health club and swimming to get to, so I’d better get a move on.

from this….
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It’s Friday and the end of the week, but I don’t have an end of week for another few weeks until school starts up, again. It’s the second half of summer and I need to jump in, jump out, and seize the day, today is gonna be a great day. Making the days Count, working on not ignoring things and moving forward, it’s the second half!

What have you ignored and re-discovered, lately?

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