Chocolate bunnies

photo courtesy of Fannie May
photo courtesy of Fannie May

A month ago, our area got its heaviest snow of the season, 19 inches, and this winter rivals last winter for being cold. According to our local weatherman, this February tied the record for being the coldest on record. We have had snow cover since that early February snowstorm and the snow has thawed, frozen, thawed, and refrozen leaving the backyard a crust of frozen icy snow. I don’t venture out into the yard often, just occasionally to quiet a barking Ivy, our Brittany Spaniel, or to toss Ivy a ball, or clean up after her. It is rather perilous tramping through the frozen yard. It doesn’t seem to bother Ivy – she has smaller paws and is much lighter than I am, so she can walk across the yard without sinking in as I do. Last Wednesday night we got another three or four inches of snow and the driveway was covered Thursday morning. I cleaned it off and the bright sunshine finished what I didn’t clean or clear; it’s evident spring is on its way and the days are getting longer again.

Last week we marked the passing of the eleven hours of possible daylight threshold and I have noticed the sun’s reappearance with the morning sunrise coming earlier every day. Likewise, sunsets have crept past five o’clock and are nearing six o’clock. The sun is higher in the sky, too. Which explains why the driveway and sidewalks were clear of snow and ice yesterday morning. Salt still coats the roads and clings to the side of my car. The salt stands out on my dark blue Chevy and though it is less noticeable on white and silver cars, but it is there.

Ivy keeps watch over the front yard
Ivy keeps watch over the front yard

Several weeks ago, Ivy and I were enjoying a leisurely afternoon. I was reading or watching a basketball game and I spied a bunny sitting outside the family room window. Ivy did not see it, so I called her attention to it and she immediately jumped to attention and stared out the window. However, it was more of glare. Ivy’s been protecting the yard and chasing creatures off the property ever since she we brought her home almost five years ago on Easter eve. Squirrels torment her chirping at her after they have been treed and she has been skunked twice and cornered a sick raccoon, but never caught anything. So, when I asked her if she wanted to go outside and opened the back door, I never dreamed she’d catch the rabbit, but she did. She was very proud of her accomplishment and brought the fluffy brown bunny to the backdoor to show me. She wanted to bring it inside, but I said no and she picked it up and carried it into the backyard. I went searching for it later and she must have hidden it well, she does that, and I could not find it. I’ll have to redouble my efforts when the snow thaws and it becomes warmer which should be in the coming weeks.

We had a dusting of snow again last night, just enough to coat the driveway but not enough to really shovel. Nevertheless, the good news is the forecast calls for warmer weather this week with a jump above freezing during the day and falling back below freezing at night. I pray March will roar like a little lion and run like a grown lamb. I am hoping for a warmer March and the coming of spring; and finding Ivy’s trophy, before it finds us.

Easter falls early this year, on the first weekend in April. For Orthodox Christians it will fall a week later. For my kids and me, it will be the last weekend of Spring Break and we will celebrate with Easter baskets and ham for dinner. Those baskets will be full of sweets and other treats along with at least one chocolate bunny and of course, there will be a basket for Ivy, she is our Easter dog, but she already has her bunny.

It is the first day of March and it feels great. Last night O, B, and I went to the movies and saw Selma – amazing is all I can say. W was camping with the scouts on a submarine in Muskegon, Michigan and missed the night at the movies. He’s reading the Great Gatsby for school and I have a few papers to grade before night falls and the season finales of The Great British Baking Show and Downton Abbey. It’s gonna be a great day, I know it and I can feel it, so I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day – before it seizes me. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, especially when spring is on the horizon.

What surprises are you expecting this spring?

15 thoughts on “Chocolate bunnies

    1. Ivy thanks you. She’s laying at my feet now and we still haven’t found the rabbit, despite warmer temperatures and the snow melt. All we have left is snow on the north side of the house and in the northwest corner of the yard shaded by the arborvitae – it’s always the last place to thaw and the wettest part of the property. She is a good girl and the best dog a family could have – have a great week. Spring is a comin’

  1. Love the new blog design Clay!

    Holy smokes that is a lot of snow. I would be hating it, even though I do like winter. I enjoy the cold 20’s air. Here in NYC we might get 3-6 inches tonight. Not really that much overall though this whole winter.We have been lucky. North of us in Boston and over on Long Island have been slammed!

    1. Thanks Phil, I’ve been overwhelmed at school with things like trying to stay afloat and planning and grading and getting ready for the new tests, so much so that I don;t get out as much as I’d like or snoop around to what’s happening in the blogosphere – I hope all is well and you are staying busy finding fabulous places to eat drink and be merrier in the big city – take care and stay well my friend.

    1. several days have passed since my post and so has the time to respond, I’ve been busy and wound tight. Today everything came out okay, so i can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on the next few weeks in science. We have a slight thaw and very cold nights well below freezing – about 0F or -18C. This evening I saw the full moon glinting off the snow and you could tell it was a clean snow crust by the light’s reflection. The snow crunches when I walk on it, but the roads and sidewalks are bone dry. This weekend and all next week temperatures are supposed to be above freezing and the snow will slowly disappear.

    2. I grew up in a place where we didn’t get much snow or cold – south Texas. I remember vising my dad in Reading,Berkshire – for Christmas 1978-79 and it snowed the day we arrived. My brothers and I enjoyed the treat, but we weren’t prepared for the cold. Today, I can hardly handle the south Texas summer heat – I melt, but the cold doesn’t phase me anymore. have a great week – it’s March and spring is just around the corner.

    1. I started writing a few years back and just haven’t given it up. thanks for finding me.. I try to write about how each day brings us a new chance, a new hope, and all we have to do is work to make the day count. Have a great day and I am glad you stopped by.

  2. It is snowing here (again!) right now. Haven’t watched TGBBS, but I’m about to go make scones to eat with fig jam and clotted cream for the finale of Downton Abbey.

    By the way, The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books.

    Enjoy what’s left of the day, Clay.

    1. The day went quickly and so did the subsequent days. We are testing at school at is very stressful – I was spent by the end of the day, I saw the tail end of TGBBS and watched Downton Abbey on Monday evening. It was strange watching a Christmas show in March. Good ending.

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