Intricate: Weekly Photo Challenge

Spring is in full bloom. I can see it and I can feel it.  It’ll be gone before I know it. That’s the way things to work – gone and replaced by something new. The flowering trees and shrubs are in full bloom and they are absolutely stunning with their pinks, reds, and whites.

at the corner – a shrub, I simply overlooked until this evening

Yet, with the flowers comes the pollen and it is in the air. I can feel it. O can feel it, W, too. And, maybe even Ivy. I climbed into the car yesterday morning and ran the windshield wipers to clean away the pollen dust.

I have been enjoying the colors on my journeys to and fro – on my way to school and on my way home. Or just simply walking through the neighborhood breathing in fresh air and walking patiently behind Ivy.

This evening, while on my walk with Ivy, I looked closely at the blooms, and I noticed an intricacy I had never taken in before. The beauty of the small flower hidden by the whole. Sheer simplicity and intricacy in one bloom coupled together with another bloom and another and an entire tree or bush covered in blooms.

It’s interesting how simple some parts of our world seem, until we look closely and examine what we see.

I found the video below during Earth Week and and thought it was worth sharing – penguin poop and lady bugs. I am not kidding – it’s all connected. I watched it in class with my students – it’s environmental science. Trust me, I am a scientist.

How Does it Grow? Cauliflower from How Does it Grow? on Vimeo.

Today was a wonderful day and tomorrow could possibly be a million and six times better, but however many times it exceeds today, it’ll probably be intricate when I look closely and stop and breathe. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, one step, one walk, one moment to look closely.

When was the last time you stopped to look closely? What did you see?

some flowers, I just want to dig up and ..... but I found this one...
some flowers, I just want to dig up and ….. but I found this one…

Today’s post is in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Intricate – prompt – at Word Press. What does the word “intricate” mean to you? It could be the deep, fibrous bark on the ancient oak tree in your yard. Maybe it’s the robin’s nest under construction near your window — that ornithological engineering marvel of mud and twigs. It could be the treasured piece of needlepoint your grandmother crafted, or maybe a drawing you made. It could be the leaves falling from trees in the Southern Hemisphere — the wind arranging them just so on your lawn.

I can’t wait to see your interpretations!


16 thoughts on “Intricate: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I love the photos Clay and the fact that you’ve seen them from a new perspective. I think that’s what intricate means to me; looking/seeing beyond the big and the obvious to find the hidden smaller, more detailed stuff inside. The intricacies of life are amazing if you take the time to look for/see them.

    Have a great week!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Me, too! I was also intrigued by the idea that it was tiny flowers and, of course, penguin poop and lady bugs. There is always something new and unique to see, we just have to slow down and look. thank you for stopping by – have a wonderful week.

    1. I am glad I got you to stop in – did you watch the video? The article is tangentially related to penguin poop, but there is a link. There is always something we missed the day before, we just have to slow down and look. thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week.

  2. There you were giving the impression that you live in the cold and drear, and up pops a gorgeous photo of your lilac in full bloom. Ours is nowhere near. Lovely photos and a great video. Thanks. As to ‘intricate’. I think I need to post very soon some photos of the bark on the ancient (and I mean ancient: a few are thought to have been around since around the year 1000) trees at Studley Royal, near here. May the sun continue to shine on you!

    1. Margaret – there are days when we are cold and drear, but that is the rent we pay for the days of spring when Earth returns to life and shows its beauty. It has been a long time since I studied bark or even payed it any attention – I just take it for granted. There is so much to see, so much to do, and all I have to do is slow down a little and focus on what I miss. Thanks for stopping in and I’ll be looking for photos of tree bark soon. Have a wonderful week.

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