duck butts

It’s Wednesday morning and all’s quiet on the lake. The middle of July is usually the quietest time on the lake; it’s after the fourth and before the race. Only a handful of folks are here, just us, the ducks, and the sea gulls.

there were duck butts, but their butts are moving away from shore (and me)

Yesterday I started a post and didn’t finish it – it will remain unfinished. I was sitting on the deck beneath the umbrella enjoying the quiet of the late morning. At first, Ivy was content to lay at my feet. But she soon began to whine and beg to get into the lake. She loves the lake. The lake is shallow enough for her to walk and patrol the shore. I put her on her tether and kept an eye on her while I wrote. I wrote and she searched for fish in the water. I had to venture into the water a couple of times to untangle her – she tends to circle back tangling the tether on the dock or the boat lifts. The third time out, I moved her tether to the See-doo anchor post and returned to my writing.

Ivy and the ducks – she fished and they quacked

Soon, my peaceful spot by the lake ended with the arrival of a paddling of ducks.

The began quacking at Ivy, loudly.

The quacking didn’t seem to bother Ivy, she kept focused on here task searching for fry (small fish) in the water and winding herself tighter and tighter around the anchor post. The more she ignored the louder the paddling quacked, and more insistent the quacking became.

Finally, Ivy had tangled herself so she could no longer move and I waded into the lake to untangle her. Once I was up and began walking toward the lake, the ducks dispersed and moved on. Finally, peace. I mean, why couldn’t the ducks have simply moved to a place further up the lake shore where Ivy wasn’t. I suppose the ducks had taken this whole thing about ‘resist’ too far.

Ivy went back to her shore patrol I and I returned to writing.

should read YESTERDAY in history

I soon realized that my writing time was up and it was too pretty of a day to sit on the deck and write when the lake was calm and the sun was shining. I gave up and the post died…. It was a good post, too – Spoiler Alert – Hamilton and Burr duel.

We spent the remainder of the day on the lake. I spotted for the other two – B and O skied and tubed. It was a great afternoon. Unfortunately, Ivy could come along for the ride, she’d rather swim than boat.

This morning, I sat outside and the ducks returned. They fished and swam. Evidently our shoreline is their feeding ground, their turf. This morning the lake was calm. Perfect for an early morning feed. When the ducks would fish they stuck their heads beneath the water and their duck butts would point to the sky. My attempt at capturing the phenomena, caused the ducks to stop, swim, and relocate. All I was able to photograph was ducks swimming away or swimming further from shore.

the paddling of ducks paddles gentle across the lake

It’s still calm, rain is forecast for the day and so it will be an inside day. It’s gonna be a great day, even inside. So, I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. I am not going to throw away my shot. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, especially on a rainy, inside kinda day.

What do you do when it’s a rainy day?

this mornings rainstorm….

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