The ice is melting

The sun is shining brightly today. It was cold this morning, but the sun melted the early morning frost and has warmed the open spaces.

The lake ice is melting and the open space between the shoreline and the ice has more than doubled since Sunday. Soon the ice will be gone, a distant memory, until next fall when it reclaims the lake for another winter. Once the ice melts, the lake will be open for summer.

Fern, our Brittany puppy…. contemplates the lake, should I or shouldn’t I she seems to be thinking. She did, twice. The water is cold.

Our Brittany puppy, Fern, tested the waters wading into the lake along the shore up to her chest earlier. She discovered how cold the water was and was quickly back ashore. The earliest I’ve been in the water is late May and there is a chill even then. The lake is at its warmest in early August and the docks and lifts come out Labor Day weekend.

It’s been a great day and it there is more in the day to come.

Making the days Count, especially when the sun shines and the lake is melting for the season.

Where are you today?

Last night’s sunset – the sky cleared and sun shone

Today’s post is inspired by the daily prompt at WordPress’ Inspiration – Open. In these days of lockdowns, closures, and physical distancing, what does Open mean to you?


8 thoughts on “The ice is melting

    1. Thank you Susie! We have had days in the upper 50s but when the sun shines it is amazing! The ice of last week is GONE but the water is still cold, but it doesn’t keep our puppies from wading in… we are well and safe and I hope your and yours are, too. We will persevere! Peace.

  1. I smell spring in the air as well. We’ve had lots of flowers and trees bloom, which isn’t good amidst all of this virus stuff because the pollen makes our eyes red and watery, sneezing almost guaranteed, and our throats dry and scratchy, resulting in people giving us the stink-eye. But, at least it’s warming up. Hard to be depressed when it’s so nice outside.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Hang in there.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. The daffodils and spring flowers were beginning to sprout and the crocuses and snowdrops were blooming at home. Up here at the lake, the lilies are are beginning to sprout and the lake ice is melting. Yesterday both dogs were in the lake and having fun. Mowed the grass and got a little sun. It was a great day to be alive. Gonna make the days to come count. Peace.

  2. Your puppy, Fern, is beautiful! When I was a kid the neighbors had a Brittney, and now here we have new neighbors that have one too! Such great dogs. The earliest I was swimming here in SE Michigan was April 16. We lived on a lake when I grew up and many years I went ‘swimming’ on my birthday…if the ice was gone and if the day was warm I’d go in. Once I got my heart started after the initial shock it was usually kind of nice. Not always though, and some years it was just too cold to even try. Plus I was a kid…and kids are notoriously silly.

    1. Yesterday, the ice drifted close to shore and Fern tried to get to the ducks and geese along the edge before I called her back. I am not about to get in the lake unless I have to… the water along our shoreline is thigh deep. Fern knows how to capture a heart…thank you. It’s raining this morning, but the sun is gonna shine tomorrow. Have a great day and stay safe and well.

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