Day 42: bears and puzzles

Actually, it’s only one bear and one puzzle. I’ve been toying with a puzzle for a while and I finally mastered it. It’s two bent nails seemingly locked together. But the two nails do come apart.

it’s been cloudy most of the day, threatening rain

The twisted nail puzzle is one puzzle in a boxed set of puzzles I received as a Christmas gift from my daughter a few years ago. I decided to leave them here, at the lake, with her permission. This past week I re-discovered the twisted nails and I have been playing with them as a diversion – off and on. Twisting the two nails back and forth was a wonderful way to pass time and focus on something besides the future – COVID19 and the approaching school year.

After multiple attempts at twisting the nails here and there, I was able to separate the two nails, but I had no idea how I solved it or how to put them back together. Eventually I did put them back together and solve the puzzle again and again.

The puzzle is an excellent distraction, as is the lake, but it doesn’t take away the uncertainty of the approaching school year. It’s there.

This past week, we were dining with friends – al fresco and socially distanced – when a neighbor called my wife to warn us that the bear, yes, the bear was wandering the lane.

All of us got up and walked toward the lane and watched the bear. We all had our phones out to photograph the bear. I did, but I decided to add an element – the selfie.

my bear selfie….

Watching the bear filled me with sadness.

First the was hurt and limping. You won’t see it in the photo, but it was.

Second, the was scared. The bear was scared because we – people – are on its land and the bear only wants to survive by looking for something to eat and having a safe place to live.

And, third I could empathize with the bear. It was hungry, out of its element, and alone. It ran off back into the woods but not before alarming a few more residents along the shoreline.

We’ve been hearing about the bear since spring from other residents along the shoreline who have spotted the bear and reported sightings. But we hadn’t seen it, until Tuesday evening.

the bear and her escape…

This past week I have been busy planning with my stepmother’s move and cottage chores. My brothers and I were able to convince her she needed to move and be closer to one of us and she chose the Houston area where my brothers live. We’ll be moving her at the end of July.

Life is uncertain and full of next steps. The key is to keep moving, to keep working at the puzzle and if you are the bear, to keep moving into the woods and away from people. Like puzzles and bears, I have to keep moving because the new school year will be here soon enough. So, I had better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, even when I can’t see very far ahead.

What are you doing these days?

6 thoughts on “Day 42: bears and puzzles

  1. Your nail puzzle looks familiar. I think we might have had (or still have) it at our lake house too. I can never figure those things out. My brother (the engineer) gets it figured out almost right away, and he even shows me but I still don’t get it. I think our brains are different. Poor bear. I agree, stay away from people. A good lesson for all of us these days.

  2. Those puzzles are so frustrating. I always try them for a bit but I don’t have the patience. At least with word puzzles you can go off and leave them for a bit and still contemplate the answer. With those types of tactile puzzles you have to keep holding on to them to solve them. I’m glad you figured it out. But, you’re smart like that so I never had a doubt you wouldn’t solve it.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. When O gave them to me, we tried them all. I had forgotten they were here until I found the nail puzzle on top of an end table. I picked it up and toyed with it and stayed with it. It’s persistence and curiosity and thinking creatively. I have all sorts of puzzles up here… we got many of them when the kids were younger and they have remained up at the lake. Puzzles keep you sharp and keep the brain working. Gotta keep the brain working…stay well and safe… heading to Mississippi next week. Peace.

  3. I hope the bear’s experience pans out well, but it doesn’t seem hopeful. Good luck as the next school year approaches. It’s been tough for my grandchildren, aged 15 and approaching public exam.year, and 5 and in his first year of school. Not to mention their parents and teachers.

    1. Did not hear of the bear’s Tuesday night visit on social media – largely due to the absence of one of the ‘bear hunters’ on the lane. That’s a good sign. We’ve been keeping our eyes open and garage door closed. As for COVID and school, my school board and administration is announcing Monday what the plan will be a hybrid model – a mix of online and in person instruction. Our daughter’s school board announced they will be using the hybrid model on Wednesday evening. So many pieces of the puzzle that we cannot see, so I’ll do my best to keep busy and make each day count. Have a wonderful day. Peace.

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