4 thoughts on “W^2 – sunshine

      1. Yes I am. It will be year 22. last week I saw a tweet on my school twitter account from a former student – she tweeted that it was the first day of her sixth year. Ironically, it was in MY sixth year of teaching that she was in my class. The world continues to turn and it’s our job to be the change we see in the world. One person at a time, one day at a time. Have a wonderful day. Peace.

    1. We have had a string of beautiful days, but we need rain. What I would give for a day with gentle rain and clouds for a couple of days to refresh the soil and dampen the garden. I am sure it will be here at the most opportune time – we can’t control nature, we can only control ourselves. Take care and enjoy the days that come, I’ll do the same. Peace.

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