Summer Days: Week 3

“One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by.” ― Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

The summer days are gliding past, it is hard to believe it is Day 22. I’ve enjoyed the first twenty-one days and made them count and the past seven days of summer have been filled with up, downs, ins, outs, and a lot of rain at home as well as by the lake shore.

O and I returned home late Sunday afternoon for a quick visit home to grab a couple of things we needed before returning this morning for the Independence Day weekend.

Monday morning, Fern and I awakened to a very moist garden and yard. It had rained most of the previous week and W (our lawn service) had not been able to mow the lawn. The mid-June flowers were blooming and there was a closeness that only can be felt in the summer. It’s the point where you can feel the moistness of the air. It rained and was cloudy, but Fern and I ventured out for a walk and we both came home exhausted and thirsty.

And as the song’s chorus reminds me,

This could possibility be the best day ever!
(This could possibility be the best day ever,)
And the forecast says that tomorrow will likely be a million and six times better.
So, make every minute count, jump up, jump in, and seize the day,
And let’s make sure that in every single possible way,
Today is gonna be a great day!

Making the Days Count, one day at a time, especially when it rains.

What was one of your ups (or downs) this past week?

6 thoughts on “Summer Days: Week 3

    1. Sorry for the very tardy reply… I left home last week and returned last night. Our yard is as long and lush as it has ever been. The gardens are bursting with color and I’ll have to mow the grass a couple of times to get it under control, but the rains have been wonderful for us. The rains have shifted north and we had rain at the lake the last couple of days before we left – it’s all good, because when it rains the fire danger is down. there is balance in life. Stay well and Peace.

  1. that’s the right attitude! over here, the summer storms and hail made my shy plants (toms, cucumber, pumpkin and herbs) look like laces, some of the flowers got ripped out straight from their soil and the place looked like a war zone – but that’s nothing in comparison to those who must live off their growth. 90% of the special apricots of one region here are destroyed…. livelihoods are seriously endangered. My sis & brother in law have sold the parents house and after clearing and cleaning everything spotlessly for today’s ‘handing over of keys’ they had two tremendous thunderstorms with the normally modest river mounting and dumping tons and tons of dirt, water, trees etc in the renovated basement, putting two cars in the garage in a dirt burial and whatnot…. So mostly downs for many, but OK for us!

    1. Kiki – thank you for stopping in. the weather has been a challenge this year. The cherry growers up north lost a lot of their crop in early May when a the early blossoms were damaged by a frost. Farming is underappreciated calling in today’s world, but I have faith that God will provide for us. Stay safe and well. Peace.

  2. My up of the last week was a quick drive to Baltimore to have lunch with some of my Truck Safety Family. My down of the last week was Katie refusing to eat one day. But we have finally found something (we think) that she likes, so maybe we are over that hump.

    1. that’s good news on both fronts – I am back home this morning working at the ‘summer office’ and our older dog is anxious to go back inside, the younger one is more than happy to patrol the yard. Our dogs give us such joy… thank you for stopping by and I am sorry it took a week to reply. Have an amazing day!

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