Day 18 – Friday, not just another day?

This morning as I stumbled through my morning routine, I noted in my reflection and gratitude app that it was Friday. Normally Friday would bring joy and be amazing, but during the summer when it is summer break, Friday is simply another day.

Thursday evening’s sunset

Fridays during the school year bring joy and anticipation of weekend plans and a less structured day. During summer break, almost every day is less structured! I try to keep that in mind as I plan and execute my day and my week. As the summer winds down, structure is what I look forward to about returning to school.

Years ago, I read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Reading the book was difficult. It was full of ideas about personal management and was more of a textbook for life. I finished it and every so often, I open it, and re-read or leaf through the pages. The habit I rely on most during the unstructured summer is Habit 3: Put First Things First. Reading that book, changed my life.

Even though it’s summer and Friday is ‘just another day’ I need to remind myself to put first things first.

Last night as I was returning home from volunteering at the food pantry, the sun was setting, and I quickly snapped a few photos of the sun out the side window.

Even in summer there is structure. The sun comes up, the sun goes down, and it starts again the next day.

I know it’s Friday, the sun is up, and it will set later today. I know it is going to be an amazing day. So, I’d better jump up, jump in, and seize the day. Making the Days Count, one day at a time, putting first things first. 

What’s on your Friday agenda?

7 thoughts on “Day 18 – Friday, not just another day?

    1. Yes those are good things. Friday seems so long ago, but it was spent well. At least the first part of the day. I took a nap in the afternoon after errands in the heat of the day – it’s been in the upper 80’s and it was even warmer on Saturday. Sunday brought much needed rain and cooler temps. Volunteering at the library? What do you do? Keep up those good things.

      1. You inspire me! Staying busy keeps you thriving. A few years ago I was thinking about why would happen when I retired and I thought about where I might work ‘part-time’ or whatever else I could do. Then I discovered volunteering at Loaves. I get more out it than I ever imagined. Peace.

      2. That’s a terrific project by the sound of it. I was at a similar one before Lockdown but – well, it’s complicated. Let’s just say it’s gone in another direction. And of course I volunteer at Fountains Abbey too.

  1. We’re retired…so our lives are pretty much like summer….but on the other hand there are more doctor appointments that put some structure in to interfere with our freedom. I wonder why I never read the book about the 7 effective things…..I know about it but I’m sure I never read it. I wonder if it would be relevant to a retired person? I think I still want to be effective…right? What do you think?

    1. Yes some day I will retire, currently the plan is six more years of teaching then retiring. I often think of summer break as an audition for retirement. If it is, I am currently NOT going to get a call back. As for the 7 habits book, I only picked up the book because it was mentioned in a time management seminar I attended. The seminar was more about how to use the Day Timer product and was helpful, but I got more out of reading the book. It’s not an easy read, but if you pick it up you’ll identify some things you do well and things, well, you could do better. Two topics which continue to influence me today are: 1) the concept of Big Rocks 2) and the Eisenhower matrix or Four Quadrants of Time Management. From reading your blog, I’d guess you were already pretty effective. Thank you for stopping in, ttay well and prosper. Peace.

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