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So, what is Normal?

Normal, Illinois the sign says it all

I woke up early and took my time getting ready this morning. I am at a conference in, of all places, Normal. That’s right, I ‘m in Normal, Normal Illinois. It’s about 140 miles southwest of Chicago on the road to St. Louis. I came to the same conference last year and walked away with a few ideas on how I could improve my teacher association’s website. I implemented a few and this year I’m back for more. Continue reading So, what is Normal?

Day 60: SLA and Cornbelter Baseball

A very large combine greets fans outside the 'Corncrib' in Normal, IL

It seems odd to write “Day 60,” it does not seem like it has been sixty days, but it has. Yesterday’s post was day number fifty-nine and it was my fiftieth post. After re-reading it today, I realize it was not my best post. The past several days have been tiring and Tuesday would be no different. Continue reading Day 60: SLA and Cornbelter Baseball