5 thoughts on “W-squared: story

  1. I like the haircut. I hope you son is making strides. It must be very difficult for you to watch him struggle. Hang in there.

    As a side note, your blog somehow ended up in my Spam folder so I haven’t been seeing your (or anyone else’s) posts.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. I think the hair cut is here to stay – I’ve been working on a top ten for my long hair and my short hair. So far the short hair list is longer. W is home and doing out-patient therapy… walking, talking, and doing many of the things a 21 year old should… it’s going to take some more time, but we are hopeful and filled with gratitude for how far he has come in five and half weeks. Thank you for your prayers. Hope all is well in your realm. Peace.

    1. Kiki – sometimes a story gets buried and covered up because we have limited time. I’ve been chasing my tail, but I am getting closer to telling the story. thanks for stopping in and I apologize for the very late reply. I smiled when I read it. Thanks.

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