that California trip …

It’s Thursday and I am sitting at the gate waiting for push back. After five baseball games and two days driving along the coast, I am headed home.

I am trying something new with this post. I am going to write directly into WordPress using my iPad and the plane’s WiFi as I fly home to Chicago. I have never posted from my iPad or typed directly into WordPress, so I’ll see how this goes.

the view from my seat over Colorado….

I was able to piece together the video below from Monday’s drive north along the Pacific Coast Highway. I uploaded the video to YouTube this morning and added the pictures at the airport before boarding.

It is Day Ten of summer break. This summer’s break is 76 days and like every summer before, I am going to Make the Days Count.

Yesterday, was a day game and a chance to spend an afternoon with my friend, Tonette. She and I worked together in the late 80’s until early 1990 when I lived in the Bay Area working in the restaurant business for Vie de France. All these years, we’ve kept in touch via cards, birthday wishes, Christmas cards, and Facebook ever since. The last time we saw one another was in 1995 when I was in Southern California opening a restaurant for Vie de France.

Won’t you get hip to this timely tip:
When you make that California trip
Get your kicks on Route sixty-six

Three baseball games in San Francisco, the first two were night games before yesterday’s day game.

San Francisco is not a new ‘baseball city for me, it was the third baseball city for me back in 1987. I moved to the Bay Area in June of 1987 when I worked for Vie de France. Monday’s baseball game was my first game in San Francisco since the World Series earthquake game was played on October 27, 1989; ten days after the devastating earthquake.

Monday’s game is the 31st unique stadium where I have watched an MLB ball game. To date, I’ve seen professional baseball played in 28 of the 30 MLB cities.

A crescent moon spilts the night sky as i walk up Geary Street back to my hotel…

Tuesday I spent the day being a tourist. I couldn’t decide between a baseball game, a cable car ride, or seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. It was an amazing day complete with a cable car ride up Powell Street hopping off at Geary Street returning to my hotel after the ball game.

Wednesday was a day game and we got to ballpark well before the game started. It was good to catch up with Tonette, talk, and watch the game. It took her until the 8th inning before she made the connection that my son and his wife are expecting their first child or children – twins – in November. Her team, the Giants, took the game 3-5.

A panoramic view of Oracle Park from behind home plate.

According to Southwest Airline’s app we are crossing the Nevada-Utah state line and I have two and half hours (at least) before my wife picks me up at the airport.

It’s been a good trip and I am looking forward to the weekend as my wife and I travel to her hometown in Ohio. It will be the first time I’ve been back to Versailles since February 2016 when we were there to help clean and pack her childhood home after her parents had passed away.

We are staying with friends whom we’ve spent this year’s Spring Break with and a couple of years ago. It’s the town’s annual Poultry Days celebration and it promises to be a good time. Tasty, too.

Summertime moves quickly especially when I am on the road. I have two more baseball trips circled on the calendar – Toronto in early July and Boston in early August. Those two cities will complete the bucket list goal of all thirty baseball cities.

Soon, I’ll be crossing into Colorado and before I know it landing at Midway.

It”s been an amazing day, really an amazing week. So I had better polish this post, search from typos, re-read in my head, and check the formatting before clicking ‘PUBLISH.’ Making the Days Count, one day at a time, learning something new, always.

What is something novel you’ve attempted lately?

4 thoughts on “that California trip …

  1. How interesting! I always create my posts directly into WP. Though posting whilst high up in the air would certainly be a novelty for me. I’m still old-school, and turn any tech off for the duration. That’s a great video!

    1. Margaret, Happy Monday. I was able to get it posted, but I missed a few typos, but I’ve come to realize I need to proofread a little closer. Sometimes the most important editing happens AFTER I press publish. I thought about your post about snapshots from 30,000 feet as we flew east. Have a wonderful week and a great day!

      1. My kiddos can do the same…. they spot a typo or mistake in my presentation and pounce on it like a mountain lion on critter. But, they are blind to their own work. Have a fabulous day.

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