Like vs. Need

Often, I am torn between what I would like to do and what I need to do. And, sometimes I am caught between what is good and what is better. This morning, I spent time thinking and now it is time to be doing. Sometime after I fell asleep and before I woke, snow fell and I need to clean the driveway before we leave for church. The job will take ten or fifteen minutes but I need to get it done, now. I also want to write a blog post, but I cannot. Therefore, this will have to suffice, for now. The view out the window this morning is all white and grey, but the sun will shine today and bring brightness to us all. Make the Days Count, one shovelful at a time!

The view from the kitchen into the backyard, where Ivy plays and William and Olivia have built a snow fort on the deck.

Thanks for visiting MtDC. How are YOU Making YOUR Days Count?