Let it snow – part 2

Ivy looks down from upstairs

It is still snowing and I hope it doesn’t stop, or at least doesn’t stop until I want it to. I was up late, too late, last night and when I woke up this morning, I peered out the front window and was relieved to see a blanket of fresh snow covering the front yard and extending out into the lake  Evidence  Ivy’s and my walk had been erased.

Olivia is sleeping and I hope she sleeps for a bit longer; she was up late, though not as late as I was. This morning, Ivy barked and wanted out and I was afraid she was getting up, but she went back to bed. Ivy went outside did her business and came back inside and snuggled up on the blanket by my feet and went back to sleep, too.

the view out the back window - still snowing!

The snow comes in spurts, sometimes heavy, sometimes light, but it keeps coming. It is not a heavy band of snow, it is lake effect off Lake Michigan and it pounds Michigan’s west coast – they’ll get a foot or more and we’ll get about eight inches.

The cottage is already a peaceful place, but the snow just enhances it. I left home over a week ago with a couple of bags of schoolwork and I have hardly touched it. Now seems like a good time to catch up on some grading, think ahead to getting back to work, and planning a few lessons for next week. Olivia will be up soon and she’ll want to go out and play, or at least I think she will. I have bacon and pancakes planned for breakfast and a walk with Ivy in the snow. I’ll let her take pictures and we’ll post ‘em later. Have a great snow day, even if it is not snowing where you are. Making the Days Count, flake after flake!  

What are your plans for the day? Make it count!

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