Thursday, before Friday

I woke this morning trying to breathe, it took almost an hour of blowing my nose and trying to go back to sleep, before I gave up and started the day. Ivy wanted nothing to do with me, or my waking ideas, and is still sleeping soundly – as only she can.

“We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it.”
Roald Dahl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This is the last day of the school week due to tomorrow’s holiday, Good Friday. Most of my students would call a day off from school a good day, especially if it were Friday making it a three-day weekend. I suppose I am a bit sarcastic, just a tad.

I did not follow on up my last post because, NO, I did not win. But, because life got in the way as it so frequently does. I was all hooted up (not really) about the possibility of winning that I bought an extra five tickets. Foolish. Not a single winner and I bought tickets in two states – Michigan and Illinois. I did get a few numbers correct, but only one here and two there, but not enough to win the minimum. My lottery dreams will have to wait for another time.

Saturday sped by, followed by Sunday, then Monday arrived and the fourth quarter. My students and I are reading The Giver. For most of them, it is their first time to read the story, though a couple have read the story before, but not as deeply as we will cover it. I warn them not to spoil it, but some folks just can’t help themselves. For many students, it is the first time they will read a book that ends messy, really messy and it frustrates them; but it opens to world to them, just a crack, at what they have awaiting.  I have read the book several times and each time I walk away with a new perspective, slightly changed and wondering – what if? why? It is a good read and I urge you to give it a spin, if you have the time.

Monday was gone in a flash, then Tuesday slipped by, Wednesday disappeared as quickly as the previous two, and now it is Thursday. It too, will be gone before I know it. It’s gonna be a busy day and full of action.  So, I had better get a move on and get started on it. I can breathe now, sort of, and the sun will be rising so, I had better rise, too. Making the Days Count, with thirty-eight school days remaining.

What will you do to use your time wisely? or foolishly?

Thanks for visiting MtDC. How are YOU Making YOUR Days Count?