Easter Sunday Morning

The alarm ruined it, or maybe not.

I dreamed last night, but when I awoke, the dreams were cloudy, as they usually are. I went to bed thinking about school, writing or rather about teaching writing, the book we are reading – The Giver, and blogging. Interspersed were thoughts about Easter, Easter Sunday, and the bunny. So, you can only imagine my dream. I can’t recall precise details of the dream, but I was at a writing seminar with my peers and writing a blog came up. I remember sharing my blog and the ideas that drove it, that drove the daily topics, or sometimes weekly topics L.

Then the alarm ruined it, or maybe not.

I’ll be cooking Easter dinner and making my gratin de pommes dauphinoise – a delicious combination of potatoes, cheese, and cream. When done well it is outstanding and it takes time. There is ham with apricot mustard glaze and the sauce made with pan drippings and the remainder of the glaze with dried cherries. It is the right amount of sweet and savory and compliments the ham well. We’ll have broccoli and desert with strawberries, ‘nilla wafers, and cool whip – an Easter favorite. Honestly, I was worried that the food and the timing of it would take over the day. Plus, I wanted to write. I was a bundle of thoughts all mushed together. That was the moment when I knew what I wanted to write about, what I needed to write about – Easter Sunday morning.

Growing up, I went to church. I still do, but you know what I mean. There was no choice, no option, no way out. I have the same fight here and I suppose many families share my dilemma. Kids don’t want to go and there is the power struggle. I know I didn’t want to go when I was their age and my kids are no different. Sunday school, I guess I was fortunate to have had two fabulous teachers – Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Fulton. I will always remember them especially, Mrs. Fulton. In particular, I will always remember her teaching style – quirky and for a kid it was fun or more fun that it usually was or could have been. Looking back, now that I get it – what church is about – I remember her most important lesson. She seared it in my brain all of our brains; and it is still there when I close my eyes, I can picture her in the classroom and almost still hear her voice. She was incensed at the common Easter greeting of the day – “Happy Easter.” She almost snickered when she said it. She insisted the proper Easter greeting was “He is risen.” And, she taught us the proper response is, “He is risen. Indeed.”
So there you have it. He is risen. Mrs. Fulton passed away last year and I sent her daughter a card with a note. I hope she knows how much her mom meant to me and many other kids who she taught. We dyed Easter eggs last night and they are beautiful as always. I took them for a spin and a photo shoot in the dawn’s early light. I hope you enjoy them. Above all, I hope you enjoy the day.

“He is Risen.”

Making the days Count, one day at a time.

Do you have a memory from Sunday School, a lesson that stuck, or a favorite Sunday School teacher?




2 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Morning

  1. Love the colors. We had some great ones and then some not so great ones, depending on whose eyes judged! I’ll send some photos email.
    Jack got the golden egg- a tradition with the grandchildren and it has to be found before we can have the candy and baskets that our back yard bunny leaves.

    1. Mrs. Fulton was a hoot! Our eggs turned out well, as you can see, but William is slowly eating them up – he loves a hardboild egg after school. Whatever is left is destined for deviled eggs! Glad the kids had a blast in the backyard hunting for them!

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